[Solved] Can’t compare types of variables in C++ [closed]

Introduction C++ is a powerful programming language that allows developers to create complex applications. One of the most important aspects of C++ is its ability to compare different types of variables. However, it is important to note that C++ does not allow for the comparison of different types of variables. This means that if you … Read more

[Solved] unexpected type; required: variable; found: value

Change this line. if(yearPublished=0&monthPublished=0){ return (“Published: “+”invalid number”); to if(yearPublished == 0 && monthPublished == 0){ return (“Published: “+”invalid number”); I imagine you are now getting your second, unreachable return, error due to you having an else statement above this block of code, which is called when your conditions in your if-else if loops are … Read more

[Solved] JAVA variable as 2 types [closed]

Java does not support union types; however, both of these types share the same base Object class, so you could assign either one of them to a variable defined like this Object something; something = “Hello World!”; something = new ArrayList(); // this is a collection. Odds are that you probably were thinking of a … Read more

[Solved] String cannot be converted to char, how to fix it? [closed]

This is your solution : public class NewMain { public static void main(String args[]) throws ParseException { Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in); char yes; do { System.out.println(“Hi”); yes = s.next().charAt(0); } while (yes == ‘Y’); // if u enter ‘Y’ the it will continue } } To exit enter any thing other then ‘Y’ 0 … Read more

[Solved] Couldn’t match type Synonym with Either

Either isn’t simply a union of types; it’s a tagged union, which means every value has to explicitly specify which “side” of the type the wrapped value occurs on. Here’s an example, (with a Show instance derived for your Card type): *Main> Card Hearts Jack <interactive>:3:13: error: • Couldn’t match type ‘Court’ with ‘Either Pip … Read more

[Solved] How to find if type is float64 [closed]

You know that myvar is a float64 because the variable is declared with the concrete type float64. If myvar is an interface type, then you can use a type assertion to determine if the concrete value is some type. var myvar interface{} = 12.34 if _, ok := myvar.(float64); ok { fmt.Println(“Type is float64.”) } … Read more