[Solved] Can’t compare types of variables in C++ [closed]

Introduction C++ is a powerful programming language that allows developers to create complex applications. One of the most important aspects of C++ is its ability to compare different types of variables. However, it is important to note that C++ does not allow for the comparison of different types of variables. This means that if you … Read more

[Solved] Every time I start the project always just writes that ” THIS IS NOT VALID” even if the numbers that I give are right [closed]

You are casting (bool) valid_triangel the address of the function instead of calling it. This will always be non-NULL and the corresponding true branch of the if condition will be executed irregardless of input. (non-issue) I don’t have cs50.h installed so I wrote a quick get_double() to test your code. Removed the declaration of valid_tringel() … Read more

[Solved] How to call a C++ function in a C++ Program [duplicate]

The function program is not known to the compiler since it’s declared after your main function. You must declare it before like so int program(); // Declares the function program int main() { program(); // function is declared, the compiler knows its return-type, name and parameters return 0; } // Here is the function definition … Read more

[Solved] var functionName = function() {} vs function functionName() {} in JavaScript

The difference is that functionOne is a function expression and so only defined when that line is reached, whereas functionTwo is a function declaration and is defined as soon as its surrounding function or script is executed (due to hoisting). For example, a function expression: // TypeError: functionOne is not a function functionOne(); var functionOne … Read more

[Solved] How to improve the uniformly distributed of a given random function to generate uniformly distributed numbers? [closed]

what can be improved on a given random function to make it more random or for a bigger range or something else? and therefore no SRANDOM can be used up to now. How to improve the randomness of the fuction above, if possible ? Sooo write your own SRANDOM with your own semantics. Ex: srandom() … Read more

[Solved] How can I solve this String length problem?

Have you tried calculating the length within the function rather than in the console log? This ensures that all of the logic is first completed within the function before it is returned in the console log. Your function expects the string name, but you are passing name.length function getNameLength(name){ return name.length; } console.log(getNameLength(‘John’)); console.log(getNameLength(‘Argentina!’)); console.log(getNameLength(‘Macedonia’)); … Read more

[Solved] PHP in array not working

The reason I can think of why this returns ERROR: if (in_array(array(‘string’, ‘id’), array(‘string’, ‘id’))) { echo ‘IN ARRAY’; } else { echo ‘ERROR!’; } is because PHP is checking each of the haystack’s values against the needle itself. Suppose you have 2 arrays like so: $a = array(‘string’, ‘id’); $b = array(‘string’, ‘id’); $a … Read more