[Solved] How to style a data that is taken from JSON file, locally?

The only way to style different parts of the text in different ways is to wrap them all in their own elements and give them separate class names. e.g. <p class=”movie”> <span class=”movieName”>Godzilla</span> <span class=”movieYear”>2014</span> <span class=”movieGenre”>Fantasy|Action|Sci-fi</span> <span class=”movieRunningTime”>2h 3min</span> </p> You can then experiment with the css to get it how you want. You … Read more

[Solved] JSON Objects in a JSON Array in javascript

@Amy is correct, that is not in fact valid javascript. Arrays do not have keys. So your example [ 0:{ columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Nancy”, id: “123” }, 1:{ columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Jene”, id: “124” } ] really looks like this [ { columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Nancy”, id: “123” }, { columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Jene”, id: … Read more

[Solved] What line should I remove from this Google maps script

Looks like you need to remove both of these lines: <a href=”https://www.acadoo.de/de-ghostwriter-bachelorarbeit.html”>Ghostwriter Bachelorarbeit</a> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://embedmaps.com/google-maps-authorization/script.js?id=274228f8880db3e0b587b128af8f2a5a49d26d62″></script> working code snippet: <script src=”https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&key=AIzaSyDvV9lr4YTbExSlhYI2e26aTEaoY2peUwE”></script> <div style=”overflow:hidden;height:280px;width:1382px;”> <div id=’gmap_canvas’ style=”height:280px;width:1382px;”></div> <style> #gmap_canvas img { max-width: none!important; background: none!important } </style> </div> <script type=”text/javascript”> function init_map() { var myOptions = { zoom: 14, center: new google.maps.LatLng(47.4464864, 9.526921600000037), mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.HYBRID }; … Read more

[Solved] How to get unique value of json and sum another value in array?

You need to check existence of value in array using .indexOf(). If value doesn’t exist in array, insert it using .push(). About WinProbability, if exist, increase value of it. var json = [ {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:0.00,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:2.81,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:3,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:0.66,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:1.62,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:0.85,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:3,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:0.07,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”Captain Phillips”,”WinProbability”:2.70,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”Captain Phillips”,”WinProbability”:0.00,”WinType”:”Win”}, … Read more

[Solved] Removing objects from an array, objects having value which match a regex pattern

You can use Array.filter to achieve that. var arr = [{ type: “parent”, Level: “1-1”, },{ type: “parent”, Level: “1-2”, },{ type: “child”, Level: “1-2-1”, },{ type: “child”, Level: “1-2-2”, },{ type: “child”, Level: “1-2-3”, },{ type: “child”, Level: “1-4-3”, },{ type: “parent”, Level: “1-3”, } ]; var nodetoberemoved = “1-2”; var result = arr.filter(function(elem){ … Read more

[Solved] Merging objects by property, accumulating another property in node

var sales = [ { order_id: 138, price: 25, }, { order_id: 138, price: 30, }, { order_id: 139, price: 15, }, { order_id: 131, price: 25, }, ]; var buf = {} sales.map(obj => { if(buf[obj.order_id]) { buf[obj.order_id].price += obj.price } else { buf[obj.order_id] = obj } }) var result = Object.values(buf) console.log(result) 1 … Read more

[Solved] I am getting a ReferenceError: html is not defined

You should take into account that nodejs often uses asyncronous calls, and this is the case with your code too. fs.readFile(‘index.html’, (err,html)=>{ if(err){ throw err; } console.log(html); // html works here }); console.log(html); // html is undefined here This should work fs.readFile(‘index.html’, (err,html)=>{ if(err){ throw err; } var server = http.createServer((req,res)=>{ res.statusCode = 200; res.setHeader(‘Content-type’,’text/plain’); … Read more

[Solved] Pass JSON string via POST to PHP [closed]

Option 1 You can create a single JS object containing all your data (your form data and your hierarchical array). Afterwards, you can send that using jQuery .ajax() method or .post() method. Querying form inputs using jquery var formValues = { nameField1: $(field1Selector).val(), nameField2: $(field2Selector).val(), //(…) the remaining fields //variable holding your array arrangement: dragAndDropArray … Read more