[Solved] Check to see if two lists have the same value at the same index, if so return the index. If not return -1

Introduction Solution I think a cleaner answer uses the built-in enumerate and zip functions: Dlist = [17,13,10,6,2] Ilist = [5,9,10,15,18] def seqsearch(DS,IS): for idx, (d, s) in enumerate(zip(DS, IS)): if d == s: return f”Yes! Found at index = {idx}” return “No!\n-1” print(seqsearch(Dlist,Ilist)) It’s unclear whether you want to return just the first index, or … Read more

[Solved] strncmp don’t work as it should

strcmp & strncmp functions return 0 if strings are equal. You should do: if (strncmp(frase1, frase3, 4) == 0) … i.e.: char *str1 = “Example 1”; char *str2 = “Example 2”; char *str3 = “Some string”; char *str4 = “Example 1”; if (strncmp(str1, str2, 7) == 0) printf(“YES\n”); // “Example” <-> “Example” else printf(“NO\n”); if … Read more

[Solved] Difference between ‘is’ and ‘==’ in C#

They check completely different things. is compares types. == compares values. var isString = “Abc” is String; // => true var equalToString = “Abc” == String; // Error: `string’ is a `type’ but a `variable’ was expected There is one domain where these can both apply, and have different meanings, and that’s in type checking: … Read more

[Solved] Java String comparison wrong outcome [closed]

You should write it like that, way easier to read : if (!Arrays.asList(ip, port, username, password).contains(newSet)) { saveButton.setEnabled(true); } else { saveButton.setEnabled(false); } Or : saveButton.setEnabled(!Arrays.asList(ip, port, username, password).contains(newSet)); 1 solved Java String comparison wrong outcome [closed]

[Solved] Compare 2 arrays of strings

Your code contains a lot of syntax errors. Please post actual code, I understand the issue you are talking about, that’s why I’m posting this answer. Please post questions with valid code, else you won’t get proper answer (Only get downvotes) Use the following code: NSArray *current = @[@”1″, @”6″, @”53″]; NSArray *newArr = @[@”1″, … Read more

[Solved] How to identify equivalence in a string? [closed]

I think this is what you’re looking for.. string a = “Beneficiation Return”; string b = “Return Beneficiation”; string c = “Beneficiation From Return”; string d = “Return From Beneficiation”; bool isSame = !a.Except(b).Any() && !b.Except(a).Any(); The bool isSame will return true because strings a & b contain the same characters. Compare a with c … Read more

[Solved] why the following code gives the first mobile no. irrespective of name

You cannot compare strings using = (or even by ==, for that matter) operator. You need to use strcmp() for that. In your code, inside mobileno() function, if( s=”katrina” ) is essentially trying to assign the base address of the string literal “katrina” to s. It is nowhere near a comparison. That said, Never use … Read more

[Solved] Create a comparison in an array

import Foundation let serverOutput = Data(“”” [ { “language”: “French”, “number”: “12” }, { “language”: “English”, “number”: “10” } ] “””.utf8) struct LangueUsers: Codable { let language: String let number: Int enum CodingKeys: CodingKey { case language case number } init(from decoder: Decoder) throws { let container = try decoder.container(keyedBy: CodingKeys.self) language = try container.decode(String.self, … Read more

[Solved] Java / Javascript : File Comparison line by line while ignoring certain section

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException comes from this code: for (int i = 0; i < strLine1.length(); i++) { if (strLine1.charAt(i) != strLine2.charAt(i)) { System.out.println(“char not same at ” + i); } } When you scroll larger String strLine to an index, that is greater than the length of strLine2 (second file is smaller than the first) you get … Read more