[Solved] Python FOR Loop [closed]

Python alternative for your function def test(): for i in range(1, 10): print(i) Note out that python has no variable declaration as it is not strongly-typed language. Also instead of next it has indentation as depth of execution. solved Python FOR Loop [closed]

[Solved] Append not working like expected [closed]

You repeatedly append the same Mutation, and end up with multiple references to it in the list. If you want different Mutations, you have to make new ones. (I assume that’s what you think is the “problem”, as you never explicitly say what is wrong about the output.) 2 solved Append not working like expected … Read more

[Solved] How to read this JSON string?

The clean way to handle JSON in C# is by using classes that represent the JSON structure and parse the JSON into them. For example, you can use json2csharp to generate these classes. Lets assume you have generated a class Test as parsing target: using Newtonsoft.Json; private static readonly JsonSerializerSettings StrictJsonSettings = new JsonSerializerSettings { … Read more

[Solved] Php if($var) used to work [closed]

You didn’t get the error before, because your error_reporting and/or display_error settings were set too forgiving. Your first snippet is attempting to access a value in an array that might not exist. If it doesn’t PHP always issues a notice. It’s only after the notice has been issued that it can be hushed up (by … Read more

[Solved] Meaning please

this works as below : <script type=”text/java-script”> //javascript code goes here </script> this only tell the compiler o the browser or whatever that the code or script in between the scripts tag is a javascript. solved Meaning please

[Solved] Python class information from variable

Yes. Both animal and giraffe are references to the same underlying object. Very much like “Jala015” and “Jala Smith” and “mom” (or dad?) might all be references to the same person. Similarly, if you change the continent of the object via one of the references, that change will be visible through the other reference, since … Read more

[Solved] what is the mistake in this program? [closed]

You try this! void convolution(double *signal, int nt, double *wind, int r, double *rm) { int i,j; printf(“%u\n”, sizeof(wind)); // Why you do this? this just returns the size of the pointer only int l = (nt+r-1); double one[l]; double two[l]; for(i=0;i<l;i++) { if (i < nt) one[i] = signal[i]; else one[i] = 0; if … Read more

[Solved] for loop repeats over and over

The problem occurs on the price Method not the number, if the user enters 50 , you are checking the matrix seatsArray[][] for available seats : Solution: you need to add a boolean when seat gets reserved so you can set it true and escape the loop which is on the for not the the … Read more