[Solved] What does a JTextField look like in various LAF instances? [closed]

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here’s a 6K word answer. Note that in Nimbus & Motif PLAFs, the background of the non-editable text field appears same as the editable text field, while in three others, it looks different. The disabled text field appears different to either the editable or non-editable fields … Read more

[Solved] Finding Length of an Array [duplicate]

When arrays are passed into functions, they undergo array-to-pointer conversion. This means an array of type T[N] will simply decay into T*. Notice how the size information has been lost. All that remains is a pointer to the first element of the array. Here is a quote from the Standard: 4.2 Array-to-pointer conversion An lvalue … Read more

[Solved] Printing list shows single quote mark

Here’s one utility function that worked for me: def printList(L): # print list of objects using string representation if (len(L) == 0): print “[]” return s = “[” for i in range (len(L)-1): s += str(L[i]) + “, ” s += str(L[i+1]) + “]” print s This works ok for list of any object, for … Read more

[Solved] select what is being shown on index, Php [closed]

I’ll try to get you on the right way. But you’ll have to try and update it yourself to suit your needs. Below code could be your index page. <?php if(isset($_POST[‘submit’])) { $page = $_POST[‘page’]; } else { $page=”home”; } ?> <form method=”post” action=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]; ?>”> <select name=”page”> <option value=”home”>Home</option> <option value=”something”>Some other page</option> … Read more

[Solved] Posting a comment on friend’s Facebook wall with an iOS SDK [closed]

NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”https://graph.facebook.com/YOUR_FRIEND_FB_ID/photos?access_token=%@“, self.accessToken]; UIImage * pic = [UIImage imageNamed:@”green-background.png”]; NSData *picData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(pic, 1); NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:urlString]; ASIFormDataRequest *newRequest = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:url]; [newRequest setPostValue:@”This is Sample Text” forKey:@”message”]; [newRequest setData:picData forKey:@”data”]; [newRequest setPostValue:self.accessToken forKey:@”access_token”]; [newRequest setDelegate:self]; [newRequest setDidFinishSelector:@selector(postToWallFinished:)]; [newRequest startAsynchronous]; solved Posting a comment on friend’s Facebook wall with an … Read more

[Solved] Heap Sort array

PriorityQueue<Integer> pQueue = new PriorityQueue<Integer>(); This line creates a priority queue of Integers. A priority queue stores a “sorted” list of items (in your case Integers). When you add an int to pQueue ,it is places the value in the correct position. E.g if I add numbers 1, 10 and 5 in this order to … Read more

[Solved] How to use variables of one php file in to an other [closed]

Very urgently? than very urgently use $_SESSION Store the value in a session like this $_SESSION[‘whatever’] = $value_holder; Note: Don’t forget to use session_start() at the very top of your website, also you need to use conditions to increment decrement value of that session 0 solved How to use variables of one php file in … Read more

[Solved] C++ Class implementation [closed]

Although this is not a Matrix class but rather a simple Vector2 class that accepts floats this class demonstrates how you can overload the operators. class Vector2 { public: union { float _f2[2]; struct { float _x; float _y; }; }; inline Vector2(); inline Vector2( float x, float y); inline Vector2( float *pfv ); // … Read more

[Solved] How do I convert arrays into functions in PHP? [closed]

function states() { return array( “ct”=>”Connecticut”, “ma”=>”Massachusetts”, “nj”=>”New Jersey”, “ny”=>”New York”, “ri”=>”Rhode Island” ); } function destinations() { return array( “easterncaribbean”=>”Eastern Caribbean”, “southerncaribbean”=>”Southern Caribbean”, “westerncaribbean”=>”Western Caribbean”, “bermuda”=>”Bermuda”, “bahamas”=>”Bahamas” ); } $states = states(); $destinations = destinations(); Is this what you were after? Functions are just recyclable snippets of code, so make sure you remember that. … Read more

[Solved] Can not flip sign

You can’t do it in a completely portable way. Rather than dealing with int64_t, let us consider int8_t. The principle is almost exactly the same, but the numbers are much easier to deal with. I8_MAX will be 127, and I8_MIN will be -128. Negating I8_MIN will give 128, and there is no way to store … Read more