[Solved] error cs1001 cant use command ctrl c

Console applications consider CTRL+C to be the “termination command” of which is expected to cease functionality of the application and force it to close. Using CTRL+C as your input keys is faulty to begin with… HOWEVER… The keypress.Key should be the C key and you then need to also check if any “modifiers” are pressed. … Read more

[Solved] Unity3D – playerpref values changes to negative when its over 2billion

As I commented you, you should change your variable type, in this case to float which is the only one supported in Unity to save in PlayerPrefs. So your code would be like: public float LoadCoinsAmount() { return PlayerPrefs.GetFloat(“COINS”); } public void SaveCoinsAmount(float coins) { PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“COINS”, coins); } 4 solved Unity3D – playerpref values changes … Read more

[Solved] Call async code in an Action in C# [duplicate]

You need to mark your action as async just like you would any method, for example: Action action = async delegate() //snip However, this is equivalent to an async void method which is not recommended. Instead you many consider using Func<Task> instead of action: Func<Task> doStuff = async delegate() { using (var client = new … Read more

[Solved] vector definition in struct (c++)

The problem are as followings: (corrected in OP question) myVector is defined const myVector.push_back(1); is not in any function body. (corrected in OP question) Value passed to myVector.push_back(1); is int but vector is of type string Change it as following. See example program working here: #include “string” #include “vector” #include “iostream” using namespace std; struct … Read more

[Solved] C – can’t access global variable within user functions

The variable used is a duplicated name. In main the local used is accessed. But in checkData the global instance is used, but causes an error since you are dereferencing a NULL pointer (static variables are initialised to 0). solved C – can’t access global variable within user functions