[Solved] I am trying to access room_type_info from json data but unable to do in swift [closed]

I recommend you using Alamofire (a powerful networking framework) and SwiftyJSON (for parsing JSON), they are very popular for iOS development. With SwiftyJSON, you do not need to handle the error or worry about nested JSON, just do something like: json[“data”][“room_type_infor”].stringValue. solved I am trying to access room_type_info from json data but unable to do … Read more

[Solved] Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

This is what you are looking for, public Object JSONData() throws Exception { JSONObject JSONObjectData = new JSONObject(); JSONArray loomMachineArr = new JSONArray(); loomMachineArr.add(“Waterjet”); loomMachineArr.add(“Rapier”); JSONArray LoomType= new JSONArray(); LoomType.add(“Dobby”); LoomType.add(“Crank”); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomMachine”, loomMachineArr); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomType”, LoomType); return root; } solved Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

[Solved] Can someone help me with creating below JSON in java [closed]

JsonObject inputObject=new JsonObject(); JsonObject triggerObject=new JsonObject(); JsonObject mainObject=new JsonObject(); try{ inputObject.put(“auth”,”EaIv0NlXiDWJrpvLkAdP”); inputObject.put(“domain”,”rangersrockerz”); triggerObject.put(“input”,inputObject); triggerObject.put(“name”,”new user2″); mainObject.put(“trigger”,triggerObject); } catch(Exception e){ } 1 solved Can someone help me with creating below JSON in java [closed]

[Solved] Jquery object assign to variable return undefined [duplicate]

property_object_parse is a real JavaScript object, so you can just use the member access syntax to access the value you are interested in directly: console.log(property_object_parse.p1.TextElement[0].size); Note that you cannot use a dynamic property path string like ‘p1.TextElement[0].size’, you would have to compile that in a way. For example, you could instead have an array of … Read more

[Solved] Need help linking 2k files into html [closed]

Given your specific situation as explained in the chat, you have no access to the ‘back end’ you DO have access and permission to change the directory-structure and file-names of the course-materials (pdf-files) current path & filenaming conventions are a mess (don’t exist) and unpredictable there is currently nothing linking course-codes with course-descriptions/course-materials every course … Read more

[Solved] Get one JSON value with another?

Parse it and Iterate over it var data = JSON.parse(‘{“XXX”:{“x”:”1″,”y”:”2″},”XXX”:{“x”:”3″,”y”:”3″}}’); var y = 0; $.each(data, function(i, item) { alert(‘With Jquery X = ‘+item.x); alert(‘With Jquery Y = ‘+item.y); //if you want to get the value of y based on x or vice versa then check if(item.x == 3) { y = item.y; } }); // … Read more

[Solved] Remove quotes from JSON [closed]

Okay, so apparently you want to take out the quotes and indent it nicely? Then I would do that beforehand: function indent(str) { return str.replace(/\n/g, ‘\n\t’); } function toPrettyObject(obj) { var ajsoln = []; // Actual JavaScript Object Literal Notation if(Object.prototype.toString.call(obj) === ‘[object Array]’) { for(var i = 0; i < obj.length; i++) { ajsoln.push(indent(toPrettyObject(obj[i]))); … Read more

[Solved] how do i iterate across a json array? [closed]

objectVariableName.output.description; This will return an object with a single key “wikipedia” that has an array value with one element, which is probably the description you want. objectVariableName.output.description.wikipedia[0] solved how do i iterate across a json array? [closed]

[Solved] Android: Parse 2 jsonArray [closed]

JSONObject object = new JSONObject(your-string); JSONArray details=object.getJSONArray(“details”); for(int j=0;j<details.length();j++){ JSONObject detail= details.getJSONObject(i); String price = detail.getString(“price”); …. } JSONArray colors = object.getJSONArray(“colors”); for(int i=0;i<colors.length();i++){ JSONObject obj= colors.getJSONObject(i); // parse your json here String color = obj.getString(“color”) } 2 solved Android: Parse 2 jsonArray [closed]