[Solved] How to style a data that is taken from JSON file, locally?

The only way to style different parts of the text in different ways is to wrap them all in their own elements and give them separate class names. e.g. <p class=”movie”> <span class=”movieName”>Godzilla</span> <span class=”movieYear”>2014</span> <span class=”movieGenre”>Fantasy|Action|Sci-fi</span> <span class=”movieRunningTime”>2h 3min</span> </p> You can then experiment with the css to get it how you want. You … Read more

[Solved] JSON Objects in a JSON Array in javascript

@Amy is correct, that is not in fact valid javascript. Arrays do not have keys. So your example [ 0:{ columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Nancy”, id: “123” }, 1:{ columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Jene”, id: “124” } ] really looks like this [ { columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Nancy”, id: “123” }, { columnNameProperty: “Name”, columnValueProperty: “Jene”, id: … Read more

[Solved] How to get unique value of json and sum another value in array?

You need to check existence of value in array using .indexOf(). If value doesn’t exist in array, insert it using .push(). About WinProbability, if exist, increase value of it. var json = [ {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:0.00,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:2.81,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:3,”Nominee”:”12 Years a Slave”,”WinProbability”:0.66,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:1.62,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:0.85,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:3,”Nominee”:”American Hustle”,”WinProbability”:0.07,”WinType”:”Win”}, {“ID”:1,”Nominee”:”Captain Phillips”,”WinProbability”:2.70,”WinType”:”Nominated”}, {“ID”:2,”Nominee”:”Captain Phillips”,”WinProbability”:0.00,”WinType”:”Win”}, … Read more

[Solved] I am getting a ReferenceError: html is not defined

You should take into account that nodejs often uses asyncronous calls, and this is the case with your code too. fs.readFile(‘index.html’, (err,html)=>{ if(err){ throw err; } console.log(html); // html works here }); console.log(html); // html is undefined here This should work fs.readFile(‘index.html’, (err,html)=>{ if(err){ throw err; } var server = http.createServer((req,res)=>{ res.statusCode = 200; res.setHeader(‘Content-type’,’text/plain’); … Read more

[Solved] Pass JSON string via POST to PHP [closed]

Option 1 You can create a single JS object containing all your data (your form data and your hierarchical array). Afterwards, you can send that using jQuery .ajax() method or .post() method. Querying form inputs using jquery var formValues = { nameField1: $(field1Selector).val(), nameField2: $(field2Selector).val(), //(…) the remaining fields //variable holding your array arrangement: dragAndDropArray … Read more

[Solved] cant access json array using php [closed]

Look at documentation: json_decode( string $json, ?bool $associative = null, int $depth = 512, int $flags = 0 ): mixed and you are passing second argument as true, so it returns array and not object. And you missing intermediate keys. So final solution would be: $update = file_get_contents(‘php://input’); $update = json_decode($update, true); $callbak = $update[‘result’][0][‘callback_query’][‘data’]; … Read more

[Solved] Foreach on Json based on value [closed]

Here is a crude example, that uses the Newtonsoft.Json nuget package, you can work from and use as inspiration perhaps. It groups by table name and then gets the list for each one. You may want to do it differently I’m not sure. var o = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<root>(json); var groups = o.tabla.GroupBy(t => t.nombretabla); foreach (var … Read more

[Solved] Counting how many times a value occurs in a json file [closed]

from collections import Counter import json from pprint import pprint with open(‘logs.txt’) as infile: data = (json.loads(line) for line in infile) counter = Counter((row[‘type’], row[‘key’]) for row in data) pprint(dict(counter)) Output: {(u’REVERSEGEOCODE’, u’04track12netics2015′): 5, (u’REVERSEGEOCODE’, u’fpOgtLY1ZF22m3va4FLkU52tsLmpaNyo’): 1, (u’SEARCH’, u’fpOgtLY1ZF22m3va4FLkU52tsLmpaNyo’): 1, (u’TILE’, u’CxIQlYBhwykcIxtYwrrbltCDiJ4xUxfN’): 3, (u’TILE’, u’fpOgtLY1ZF22m3va4FLkU52tsLmpaNyo’): 4} 1 solved Counting how many times a value occurs … Read more

[Solved] JSON Object to Jquery select array [closed]

You can use Array.prototype.map() function. var o = {“tuple”:[{“old”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE_ID”:”VAS_1000″,”VAS_TYPE_NAME”:”AMC”,”VAS_TYPE_DESC”:”Annual Maintenance Contract”,”CREATED_ON”:null,”CREATED_BY”:null,”MODIFIED_ON”:null,”MODIFIED_BY”:null,”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”}},”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”},{“old”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE_ID”:”VAS_1001″,”VAS_TYPE_NAME”:”EW”,”VAS_TYPE_DESC”:”Extended Warranty”,”CREATED_ON”:null,”CREATED_BY”:null,”MODIFIED_ON”:null,”MODIFIED_BY”:null,”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”}},”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”},{“old”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE”:{“MST_VAS_TYPE_ID”:”VAS_1002″,”VAS_TYPE_NAME”:”COUPON”,”VAS_TYPE_DESC”:”Recall”,”CREATED_ON”:null,”CREATED_BY”:null,”MODIFIED_ON”:null,”MODIFIED_BY”:null,”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”}},”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”}],”@xmlns:SOAP”:”http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/”,”@xmlns”:”http://services.vw.com/lpms/1.0/wsapp”}; a= o.tuple.map(function(val){ var inner = val[‘old’][‘MST_VAS_TYPE’]; var ret = {}; ret[inner[“MST_VAS_TYPE_ID”]] = inner[‘VAS_TYPE_NAME’]; return ret; }) sel = document.createElement(“select”); document.body.appendChild(sel); for (var index in a) { obj = a[index]; for (var prop in obj){ option = document.createElement(“option”); option.text = obj[prop]; option.value = prop; … Read more