[Solved] console.log() shows the changed value of a variable before the value actually changes

Pointy’s answer has good information, but it’s not the correct answer for this question. The behavior described by the OP is part of a bug that was first reported in March 2010, patched for Webkit in August 2012, but as of this writing is not yet integrated into Google Chrome. The behavior hinges upon whether … Read more

[Solved] I don’t understand this common java principle [duplicate]

Consider Apollo’s comment and google it. This is not only a java principle but a generall programming principle. You’re creating a new Answer Object. Let’s look at this example: public class Answer{ // The class private String answer; // internal variable only visible for the class public Answer(String answer){ // This is a constructor this.answer … Read more

[Solved] C# help declaring variable i initialize it to

Yes, the output is correct: // This line increments the variable then prints its value. Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, ++ Cash); // This prints the value of the (incremented variable) Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, Cash); // The prints the value of the variable *then* increments its value Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, Cash ++); 1 solved C# help declaring variable i initialize it to

[Solved] Create 2^n variables with a pattern

If you like to create a piece of code having that many different variables with a different name, I suggest you start writing your own code generator. The code below should be a good start. #include <sstream> #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> namespace { template <typename Function> void bitExecutor(int nrOfBits, std::vector<bool> &bits, const Function … Read more

[Solved] Php Calculating two functions [closed]

You can’t access $dine in your second function because it’s nowhere defined. The $dine from your first function is only a local variable. I would suggest this solution which uses the fact that calculate_dinein_price() also returns the value of $dine: public function calculate_dinein_total(){ $total_dine = 0.00; $total_dine = $total_dine + $this->calculate_dinein_price(); return $total_dine; } 8 … Read more