[Solved] How can I change id in string

Since you are already using jquery: for (var i = 0; i < tab.length; i ++) { tab[i] = $(tab[i]).find(“tr”).first().attr(“id”, “id_” + i); } What this does: Create jquery objects from the html string: $(tab[i]) Find the first tr object: .find(“tr”).first() Set the attribute “id” of the object to “id_” + i: .attr(“id”, “id_” + … Read more

[Solved] hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

You missed off the jQuery constructor function literal ($) in your if() statement: if( msg.data.match(/^LCERROR/) || msg.data.match(/^ERROR/) ) { if( ! $(‘#consoleLog’).hasClass(‘stop’) ) { setInterval(function() { $(‘#consoleLog’).animate( { backgroundColor : “#aa0000” }, 1000).animate( { backgroundColor : “black” }, 1000); }, 100); } } 3 solved hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

[Solved] Create Code Snippet (easy to cut and paste) from Web Form [closed]

something like this, using val() to get the input from the user: HTML: name:<input type=”text” id=”name” /> <br /> price:<input type=”text” id=”price”/> <br /> description:<input type=”text” id=”description”/> <br /> url for event:<input type=”text” id=”url_for_event” /> <br /> <button id=”create-html”>create html</button> <div id=”result”></div> JS: $( “#create-html” ).click(function() { var name=”<p class=”name”>” + $(“#name”).val() + ‘</p>’; var … Read more

[Solved] Jquery object assign to variable return undefined [duplicate]

property_object_parse is a real JavaScript object, so you can just use the member access syntax to access the value you are interested in directly: console.log(property_object_parse.p1.TextElement[0].size); Note that you cannot use a dynamic property path string like ‘p1.TextElement[0].size’, you would have to compile that in a way. For example, you could instead have an array of … Read more

[Solved] Why are images duplicated with append()?

From the source code on your website, it seems that you might be attempting to remove images from the container before appending new images: $(‘#project_images’).html(”); However, that selector uses an underscore while the actual element uses a hyphen: <div id=”project-images”> Also, you are clearing the contents after appending images rather than before. I suggest using … Read more