[Solved] How can I change id in string

Since you are already using jquery: for (var i = 0; i < tab.length; i ++) { tab[i] = $(tab[i]).find(“tr”).first().attr(“id”, “id_” + i); } What this does: Create jquery objects from the html string: $(tab[i]) Find the first tr object: .find(“tr”).first() Set the attribute “id” of the object to “id_” + i: .attr(“id”, “id_” + … Read more

[Solved] hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

You missed off the jQuery constructor function literal ($) in your if() statement: if( msg.data.match(/^LCERROR/) || msg.data.match(/^ERROR/) ) { if( ! $(‘#consoleLog’).hasClass(‘stop’) ) { setInterval(function() { $(‘#consoleLog’).animate( { backgroundColor : “#aa0000” }, 1000).animate( { backgroundColor : “black” }, 1000); }, 100); } } 3 solved hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

[Solved] hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

Introduction The jQuery hasClass() method is a powerful tool for manipulating the class attribute of HTML elements. It allows developers to quickly and easily add, remove, or toggle classes on elements. Unfortunately, some users have reported an issue where the hasClass() method is not functioning as expected, resulting in an error message that reads “hasClass() … Read more

[Solved] Create Code Snippet (easy to cut and paste) from Web Form [closed]

something like this, using val() to get the input from the user: HTML: name:<input type=”text” id=”name” /> <br /> price:<input type=”text” id=”price”/> <br /> description:<input type=”text” id=”description”/> <br /> url for event:<input type=”text” id=”url_for_event” /> <br /> <button id=”create-html”>create html</button> <div id=”result”></div> JS: $( “#create-html” ).click(function() { var name=”<p class=”name”>” + $(“#name”).val() + ‘</p>’; var … Read more

[Solved] Jquery object assign to variable return undefined [duplicate]

property_object_parse is a real JavaScript object, so you can just use the member access syntax to access the value you are interested in directly: console.log(property_object_parse.p1.TextElement[0].size); Note that you cannot use a dynamic property path string like ‘p1.TextElement[0].size’, you would have to compile that in a way. For example, you could instead have an array of … Read more

[Solved] Why are images duplicated with append()?

From the source code on your website, it seems that you might be attempting to remove images from the container before appending new images: $(‘#project_images’).html(”); However, that selector uses an underscore while the actual element uses a hyphen: <div id=”project-images”> Also, you are clearing the contents after appending images rather than before. I suggest using … Read more

[Solved] Please help with ajax script + jquery [closed]

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function() { $(“#sendmessage”).submit(function() { $(“#note”).fadeIn(1000).html(‘PLease wait…’); var str = $(this).serialize(); $.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: “/send.php”, data: str, success: function(data) { $(“#note”).html(data); $(“#fields”).hide(); }, error: function() { $(“#note”).html(‘Error’); } }); return false; }); }); solved Please help with ajax script + jquery [closed]