[Solved] javascript array assign to multiple variables

function Case(values){ console.log(“values: ” + values); var A = []; var B = []; var C = []; var i = 0; while(i < values.length) { A.push(values[i++]); B.push(values[i++]); C.push(values[i++]); } console.log(“A: ” + A); console.log(“B: ” + B); console.log(“C: ” + C); } var values = [5, 4, 3, 6, 7 , 8]; Case(values); values … Read more

[Solved] PHP require_once ‘………..’;

To avoid this type of problems, and for best practice, i advice to use the root path: $root = realpath($_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]); The code above will assign to $root your realpath on the server. After that just use the require/include etc according to your localhost/webserver root : require_once($root/Api/Autotask/vendor/autoload.php) For example, if your file is located in websiterootfolder/php/nice_folder … Read more

[Solved] Try-Catch-Finally c# in Console [closed]

Other than what people already said about the try…catch…finally block, I believe what you’re looking for is try { file = new FileStream(“example.txt”, FileMode.Open); file.open(); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } But you need to add reference to System.Windows.Forms in your project and add the using statement to your class using System.Windows.Forms; Or, if … Read more

[Solved] How to get answer from this Spark Scala program for Input : s= ‘aaabbbccaabb’ Output : 3a3b2c2a2b

You can foldLeft over the input string, with a state of List[(Char, Int)]. Note that if you use Map[Char, Int], all occurrences of each character would be added up, weather they’re beside each other or not. s.foldLeft(List.empty[(Char, Int)]) { case (Nil, newChar) => (newChar, 1) :: Nil case (list@(headChar, headCount) :: tail, newChar) => if … Read more

[Solved] ABOUT C# BRACKETS [closed]

This happens because of the string you have before, what you write is equivalent to : “the sum of the numbers you entered is :” + 5 + 10; which is the sum of a string with 2 integers, what happens when you add a number to a string is that ToString() is implicitely called … Read more

[Solved] Writing only lower case letters to file in Python

Code input_f = input(“Enter the file name to read from: “) output_f = input(“Enter the file name to write to… “) fw = open(output_f, “w”) with open(input_f) as fo: for w in fo: for c in w: if c.isalpha(): fw.write(c.lower()) if c.isspace(): fw.write(‘\n’) fo.close() fw.close() input.txt HELLO 12345 WORLD 67890 UTRECHT 030 dafsf434ffewr354tfffff44344fsfsd89087uefwerwe output.txt hello … Read more