[Solved] Check to see if two lists have the same value at the same index, if so return the index. If not return -1

Introduction Solution I think a cleaner answer uses the built-in enumerate and zip functions: Dlist = [17,13,10,6,2] Ilist = [5,9,10,15,18] def seqsearch(DS,IS): for idx, (d, s) in enumerate(zip(DS, IS)): if d == s: return f”Yes! Found at index = {idx}” return “No!\n-1” print(seqsearch(Dlist,Ilist)) It’s unclear whether you want to return just the first index, or … Read more

[Solved] Question regarding a Coinbase Trading LSTM model bot for time-series neural net based on historic data in Python – Error and debug question [closed]

Introduction This question is about a Coinbase Trading LSTM model bot for time-series neural net based on historic data in Python. The question is about error and debug. This question is important because it can help us understand how to debug and troubleshoot errors in a Coinbase Trading LSTM model bot for time-series neural net … Read more

[Solved] Write a python program to encrypt and decrypt the message using caesar cipher alogorithm and rail fence algorithm [closed]

Introduction This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to write a Python program to encrypt and decrypt a message using the Caesar Cipher algorithm and the Rail Fence algorithm. The Caesar Cipher algorithm is a substitution cipher that shifts the letters of a message by a certain number of places in the alphabet. … Read more

[Solved] Do you have any problems working with python library distributions (e.g. PyTorch) on the M2 chip of the new MacBook Pro? [closed]

Introduction The new MacBook Pro with the M2 chip is a powerful machine that can handle a variety of tasks. However, when it comes to working with Python library distributions such as PyTorch, there can be some issues. This article will discuss the potential problems that may arise when working with Python library distributions on … Read more

[Solved] Root of quadratic polynomial with Python

First read the input from the command line (hint : use sys.argv). Also you will need to figure out how to convert strings to python numbers. Then check if b**2-4*a*c < 0. If yes, then raise a ValueError about that there are no real roots. Else solve for the roots: roots = (b ± sqrt(b**2-4*a*c)) … Read more

[Solved] Trouble with call function [closed]

Python is dependant on indentation. In order for the program to work you need to add the correct indentation to your code. That involves 4 spaces for each loop or flow control. Here are a few that do: def if while for Your problem is that Python does not know where to end the while … Read more

[Solved] Better way of replacing subtring from a string [duplicate]

When manipulating structures such as URLs it’s better to use tools designed for the purpose rather than treating them as strings. In this case you want to change the host (netloc) to www.site2.com So… from urllib.parse import urlparse, urlunparse new_site=”www.site2.com” url=”https://www.site1.com//vehicles/2023/Ford/F-150/Calgary/AB/57506598/?sale_class=New” scheme, _, path, params, query, fragment = urlparse(url) new_url = urlunparse((scheme, new_site, path.replace(‘//’, “https://stackoverflow.com/”), … Read more

[Solved] How to rotate xticklabels in a seaborn catplot

The correct way to set the xticklabels for sns.catplot, according to the documentation, is with the .set_xticklabels method (.e.g. g.set_xticklabels(rotation=30)). Using a loop to iterate through the Axes, should be used if changes need to be made on a plot by plot basis, within the FacetGrid. Building structured multi-plot grids seaborn.FacetGrid g or in the … Read more

[Solved] Can someone tell me what this statement does? [closed]

a.strip().split() produces a list of strings of the form ‘a-b’ where the a and b are composed of digit characters. This means that: alignment = set([tuple(map(int, x.split(“-“))) for x in a.strip().split()) produces a set from a list defined by a list comprehension. The list comprehension takes each of these ‘a-b’ strings, spits it into two … Read more