[Solved] SQL where clause two seperate values? [closed]

You have to join the the employee table twice: select distinct employee.LastName, employee.EmployeeId, manager.Lastname from customer join employee as employee on customer.SupportRepId = employee.EmployeeId join employee as manager on employee.ReportsTo = manager.employeeId where customer.Country = ‘Canada’ 0 solved SQL where clause two seperate values? [closed]

[Solved] PHP insert into not inserting any data

$sql = “INSERT INTO tasks (taskName, requestedBy, details, dateAdded) VALUES (‘$taskname’ ,’$requestedby’ ,’$details’, ‘$datenow’)”; // Removed quotes from columns, and added missing quote on datenow Please note, this technique for adding values into the database is very insecure, and is prone to SQL injection attacks. 5 solved PHP insert into not inserting any data

[Solved] Creating MySQL query from access query

Assuming the first query to run is named qryAgreedToServiceOrUnenrolled. Try nesting the first SQL in the second’s FROM clause. Can replace qryAgreedToServiceOrUnenrolled with some other alias everywhere it is referenced. SELECT qryAgreedToServiceOrUnenrolled.patient_id, dispositions.description, dispositions.member_status FROM (( (SELECT DISTINCT t.patient_id, MAX(t.id) AS MaxOfid FROM transactions AS t INNER JOIN disposition_transaction_type AS dt ON t.disposition_transaction_type_id = dt.id … Read more

[Solved] How to change mysql column from html table with php scripting

1) You need to use ajax. 2) For every button you can use a form such as: <form method=”post” action=”approved.php” target=”_self”> <td> <input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”Approved”> <input type=”hidden” name=”quoteID” value=”<?php echo $row[“quote_id’]?>’> </td> </form> approved.php: mysqli_connect $approvedElement = $_POST[‘quoteID’]; $query = ‘UPDATE … WHERE `Quote ID` = \”.$quoteID.’\’ ‘; mysqli_query($query); So before ajax I suggest … Read more

[Solved] Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\sideProjects\loginTut\db.php on line 20 [closed]

You forgot to assign a value to $conn from the return value of DBConnect(), eg this DBconnect($config); should be $conn = DBConnect($config); You also don’t need to use global $conn in your script as it will be in scope. I’d also recommend not catching the exception from the PDO constructor. How else will you know … Read more

[Solved] Is a date within some of periods [closed]

This function should do what you want. It relies on MySQL treating boolean results as either 1 or 0 in a numeric context, thus the MAX call effectively becomes an OR of all the conditions. CREATE FUNCTION check_activity(project_id INT, check_date DATE) RETURNS BOOLEAN DETERMINISTIC BEGIN RETURN (SELECT MAX(check_date BETWEEN ActiveFrom AND ActiveTo) FROM projects WHERE … Read more