[Solved] Check to see if two lists have the same value at the same index, if so return the index. If not return -1

Introduction Solution I think a cleaner answer uses the built-in enumerate and zip functions: Dlist = [17,13,10,6,2] Ilist = [5,9,10,15,18] def seqsearch(DS,IS): for idx, (d, s) in enumerate(zip(DS, IS)): if d == s: return f”Yes! Found at index = {idx}” return “No!\n-1” print(seqsearch(Dlist,Ilist)) It’s unclear whether you want to return just the first index, or … Read more

[Solved] Find index of returned list result C#

As the error states, it cannot convert from ‘System.Collections.Generic.List’ to ‘string’. However I never knew the function SingleOrDefult() existed. All credit to @maccettura even though he didn’t know what I was trying to do! xD Code change below for the answer: List<string> listFrom = new List<string>(); //Contains a list of strings List<string> listTo = new … Read more

[Solved] Matlab index error

I don’t even know how that code could even run. x is not defined anywhere and you suddenly are starting to use it in your for loop at the beginning. My guess is that you have some code defined somewhere earlier on, those iterations start happening and then once those iterations end, this function runs. … Read more

[Solved] String out of index

Different methods can be used for removing leading and trailing spaces, for converting multiple spaces to one and to remove spaces before exclamation mark, comma etc: mystr = ” Hello . To , the world ! ” print(mystr) mystr = mystr.strip() # remove leading and trailing spaces import re # regex module mystr = re.sub(r’\s+’,” … Read more

[Solved] Why does indexing into a list with list[n] instead of list[[n]] in R not do what you would expect? [duplicate]

Because in general l[n] returns a sublist (possibly of length one), whereas l[[n]] returns an element: > lfile[2] [[1]] [1] “file2.xls” # returns SUBLIST of length one, not n’th ELEMENT > lfile[[2]] [1] “file2.xls” # returns ELEMENT From R intro manual: 6.1 Lists: It is very important to distinguish Lst[[1]] from Lst[1]. ‘[[…]]’ is the … Read more

[Solved] Undefined index (PHP)

It’s ternary. The syntax is var = (true) ? trueValue : falseValue; It’s the same as this: if ( empty($_POST[‘code’]) ) { $code = null; } else { $code = $_POST[‘code’]; } solved Undefined index (PHP)

[Solved] python: index of list1 equal to index of list2 [duplicate]

well what the comments said and change it like the following too : id = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] name = [‘sarah’, ‘john’, ‘mark’, ‘james’, ‘jack’] userid = int(input(‘enter user ID: ‘)) if userid in id: ind = id.index(userid) #notice this statement is inside the if and not outside print(name[ind]) else: print(“wrong id”) … Read more