[Solved] How can I detect the dimensions of an object under an angle in this picture in MATLAB? [closed]

Consider this as a beginner’s tutorial to Matlab image processing. Read the documentation of the commands used and try and understand what they are doing and why. 1. Read the image Use imread to read the image into a 3D matrix. For convenience, we convert it to double in the range [0..1] using im2double: >> … Read more

[Solved] Getting one section of a larger matrix matlab

As schorsch said in comments, simply do: A=M(160:430,108:305) to get values then modify your sample ( B=transform(A) ) and put B in the same way you got A out M(160:430,108:305)=B Remember that : basically means everything in between I agree with Mark though, the documentation for MATLAB is outstanding and one of MATLAB’s best features … Read more

[Solved] Matlab rank function bug [closed]

rank in matlab 2014a uses svd, not svds. If your local file uses svds the installation is corrupted. I recommend to reinstall Matlab and set write restrictions to the toolbox folder afterwards to prevent such problems happen again. solved Matlab rank function bug [closed]

[Solved] Returning specific regions [closed]

You can group the results of regionprops into a vector and use it for indexing: rg = regionprops( L, ‘Area’ ); allArea = [rg(:).Area]; % grouping all area values into a single vecotr labels = find( allArea >= 300 & allArea < 500); % select relevant regions solved Returning specific regions [closed]

[Solved] Generate Gaussian and Uniform Random Variable [closed]

Generally I’m not in the habit of answering questions that clearly prove you haven’t tried anything yourself. Today is no different, but I’ll do the following: I’m gonna provide you with a little code, that contains a few intentional errors. It’s up to you to figure out what the code does, and where the problems … Read more

[Solved] What is the best way of learning Digital Image processing? [closed]

The only problem with MATLAB, for a beginner, is that it is really expensive. Some universities buy it without the Image Processing Toolbox, in which case it is not so useful. Octave is well supported by the open source community, that is another alternative “Processing” is a language that is easy to learn and powerful. … Read more