[Solved] nested for loops now not working

To answer your second part of the question, with the assumption that every round the health will decrease till 1 player hits 0. (Because the way you are implementing it now, is that every time the inner For-loop is done, you reset the health of both wizard and sorceress, therefore making this requirement useless) Declare … Read more

[Solved] C# “if” and “for” [closed]

Introduction The “if” and “for” statements are two of the most commonly used control flow statements in C# programming. The “if” statement is used to execute a certain block of code if a certain condition is met, while the “for” statement is used to execute a certain block of code a certain number of times. … Read more

[Solved] Explain Output in For loop C program [closed]

the condition here is implicit. C considers as true every integer not null. the ++i syntax is applied before the condition is evaluated Therefore the program run as follows: start: i=5 first loop condition (++i) => i=6 second loop iteration operation (i-=3) => i=3 condition (++i) => i=4 i is evaluated to true third loop … Read more

[Solved] C# Dynamic for-loop

It can be done without recursion. var s = “A,B,C|1,2|a|u,v,w”; var u = s.Split(‘|’).Select(v => v.Split(‘,’)).ToList(); var buffer = new List<string>(); buffer.Add(“COMMAND “); while (u.Count > 0) { var t = from a in buffer from b in u.First() select a + ‘ ‘ + b; buffer = t.ToList(); u.RemoveAt(0); } The buffer list will … Read more

[Solved] why outer for loop variable can’t be used in inner for loop

As defined in JLS, the first “part” of the for loop declaration, ForInit, is a list of statement expressions or a local variable declaration; j isn’t a statement expression (an assignment; a pre/post increment/decrement; a method invocation; a new class initialization) or a local variable declaration, so it’s invalid syntax. Depending upon what you are … Read more

[Solved] I want to find min/max value within for loop [closed]

I think so is easy int [] tabMaxMin = {1, 4, 8, -4, 11, 0}; int max = tabMaxMin[0]; int min = tabMaxMin[0]; for (int i=1; i < tabMaxMin.length; i++) { if(min >= tabMaxMin[i]) min = tabMaxMin[i]; if(max <= tabMaxMin[i]) max = tabMaxMin[i]; } System.out.println(“MAX=” + max); System.out.println(“MIN=” + min); } 0 solved I want … Read more