[Solved] If else the best option? [closed]

ok according to you comment and flowchart here is my suggestion to simplify it if (item.IsSet) { DialogResult isComplete = MessageBox.Show(“Complete set?”, “complete set?”, MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question); if (isComplete == DialogResult.No) // Break out } if(item.IsNew) { DialogResult goodQuality = MessageBox.Show(“Is the quality good”, “quality”, MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Warning); if (goodQuality == DialogResult.No) //not accepted (break) } //if … Read more

[Solved] C# “if” and “for” [closed]

Introduction The “if” and “for” statements are two of the most commonly used control flow statements in C# programming. The “if” statement is used to execute a certain block of code if a certain condition is met, while the “for” statement is used to execute a certain block of code a certain number of times. … Read more

[Solved] Given an array of strings, convert each string into: uppercase if first letter is capital lower case if first letter is small

Introduction This article will discuss how to convert an array of strings into either uppercase or lowercase depending on the first letter of each string. We will go through the steps of writing a function that takes an array of strings as an argument and returns an array of strings with the first letter of … Read more


Just use color.equals(“Black”); import java.util.*; public class emptyclass{ public static void main (String[]args){ Scanner in = new Scanner (System.in); System.out.println(“Enter a Color:”); String color = in.next(); if (color.equals(“Black”)) { System.out.println(“You chose color Black”); } else { System.out.println(“Please Choose a color”); } } } It is working. solved NEED ANSWERS FOR THIS SIMPLE “IF” AND “ELSE” … Read more

[Solved] Why does the program give me a different result when I use if statement [duplicate]

In an if else-if statement you put multiple conditions to evaluate the result. The following is how the statements will work in your case: if(row==1||row==n||row==2*n-1) cout<<“*”; //if true then put * or if false then move down else if (col==1&&row<n||col==n&&row>n) cout<<“*”; // if the first is false and the 2nd one is true then put … Read more

[Solved] Work With Char Using If else in C Language

After typing the second number you press enter, right? %c in scanf accepts the first character it finds, so it returns the line break character corresponding to you pressing enter. An easy fix is to add a space character before %c. It makes scanf skip any whitespace. scanf(” %c”,&op); From the scanf documentation (http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdio/scanf/): Whitespace … Read more

[Solved] Is there a more efficient way to write multiple if else? [duplicate]

You may find this approach verbose and overengineered. Yes, it’s. Though, I like the way the grading system is defined. class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { Map<String, Predicate<Integer>> gradingSystem = new HashMap<>(); gradingSystem.put(“A”, mark -> mark >= 90 && mark <= 100); gradingSystem.put(“B”, mark -> mark >= 80 && mark < 90); … Read more

[Solved] Why is this If statement not executing the code? [duplicate]

You did char * response. This makes a pointer variable to a character. Right now it is not pointing to any memory(it is some garbage value). scanf stores user input in consecutive memory addresses starting from the one pointed by response. as response is uninitialised, the input may not necessarily be stored on the stack(Don’t … Read more

[Solved] Java If command

As the Answer by NFE, and Niks Tyagi has showed, you Should to write: if (f.equals(“bif”)) { System.out.println(“BIF FAN”); } else { System.out.println(“Doesn’t Seem like a FAN”); } But if you want to do the second part too with the if expression, you can write like following. if (f.equals(“bif”)) { System.out.println(“BIF FAN”); } if(!f.equals(“bif”)){ System.out.println(“Doesn’t … Read more