[Solved] How to get output with println()

If you want to use 0 and 1, here you go: Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); boolean p = scanner.nextInt() != 0; boolean q = scanner.nextInt() != 0; boolean r1 = p && q; boolean r2 = q == r1; boolean r3 = p == r2; System.out.println(r3 ? 1 : 0); solved How to get … Read more

[Solved] My wordpress website is not listed in google [closed]

The reason it is not being indexed is because of this in head <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”> That will say not to index the website, remove it and it should start to get indexed/crawled….I think you might need to look into the basics of SEO. EDIT: To remove that line either: Open the header.php file and … Read more

[Solved] C++ pow(400,-9) is giving wrong answer [closed]

calculator output of 4E-7 You entered the wrong calculation into your calculator. You entered 400×10-9, instead of 400-9.These are absolutely not the same thing! The C++ program is correct: pow(400, -9) calculates 400-9, which is approximately 3.815×10-24. Here is some further reading for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_notation#E_notation 7 solved C++ pow(400,-9) is giving wrong answer [closed]

[Solved] Split the number on a decimal

public static void main(String[] args) { String str = “154.232”; str = str.replaceAll(“\\..*”, “”); System.out.println(str); } or str.substring(0, str.indexOf(“.”)); or // check for index of . is not -1, then do following. str.split(“.”)[0]; output 154 solved Split the number on a decimal

[Solved] How to return a string from a method?

Your return type is void, not string. Change it to: private string SQLSelection() A void is a “returnless” action that is performed upon something and does not “return” back the values of the return statement. If you try to return a value, you get a compiler error as you are experiencing. In addition, you keep … Read more

[Solved] ParseFloat output is NaN [closed]

This is because you are trying to parse a string which has no valid digits. So, it cannot be converted to a number. That’s why parseFloat is returning NaN. The arguments to parseFloat must always be strings which contain valid digits. You cannot convert fanta to a float value, because it has no numbers in … Read more

[Solved] Custom Django login, can not compare passwords

DO NOT DO THIS. Django has a perfectly good and fully documented system for replacing the User model while keeping the authentication system, which has had several years to be tested for security vulnerabilities. Yours is not at all secure and you should not try to do it. 0 solved Custom Django login, can not … Read more

[Solved] How can I validate a regular expression using jQuery Validation plugin?

No need for jQuery. Use the RegExp constructor and catch the exception : try { new RegExp(someString); console.log(‘good’); } catch (e) { console.log(‘bad’); } Demonstration (type something in the input to know if it’s a well formed regular expression) 2 solved How can I validate a regular expression using jQuery Validation plugin?

[Solved] Using specific column values to create a table

I think there are still some questions to be answered (see my comments) but the following is a starting point with some assumptions made. 1) I leave the number of columns for the output table in a constant variable so you can choose how many columns you want: Const numberOfColumnsInTable = 4 2) I make … Read more