[Solved] c# Regex catch string between two string [duplicate]

You can try this:<[a-z\s]+id=[\’\”]mobile[\w]+[\’\”][\sa-zA-Z\d\’\=\;\:]*>([a-zA-Z\d\s]+)<[\/a-z\s]+> Anyway it will not match special chars or symbols. You can test and optimize it here: https://regex101.com/r/fnYQ1o/10 EDIT – Code example This could be the portion of code to extract the messages: var rgx = @”<[a-z\s]+id=[\’]mobile[\w]+[\’][\sa-zA-Z\d\s\’\=\;\:]*>([a-zA-Z\d\s]+)<[\/a-z\s]+>”; var txt = “<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=’it’ xml:lang=’it’><!– <![endif]–><head><meta http-equiv=’Content-Type’ content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8”><title>Banca Mediolanum S.p.A. | Accesso … Read more

[Solved] Complicated regex in PHP

try this: <?php $q1 = “{Hello|Hi} sir.”; $q2 = “{How are you?|How are you doing?}”; $q = substr($q1, 1, strpos($q1,’}’)-1); $q_end = substr($q1, strpos($q1, ‘}’)+2); $parts = explode(‘|’,$q); echo “<select name=\”q1\”>\n”; foreach($parts as $part){ echo “\t<option value=\””.strtolower($part).”\”>$part</option>\n”; } echo “</select>\n”; echo $q_end . “\n”; $q = substr($q2, 1, strpos($q2, ‘}’)-1); $parts = explode(‘|’,$q); echo “<select … Read more

[Solved] Regexp. How to extract values from xml document [closed]

If it really looks like this: <myid>1234</myid> …you can extract it like this: Matcher match = Pattern.compile(“<myid>(\d+)</myid>”).matcher(str); …and then use the matcher repeatedly, getting the value from the capture group. But there’s a reason everyone is telling you to use a proper parser. There are lots of ways the above can fail, both matching inappropriately … Read more

[Solved] how to split a text in to paragraph with a particular string

Try using RegEx.Split() using this pattern: (.*This is common text.*) Well, giving priority to RegEx over the string functions is always leads to a performance overhead. It would be great if you use: (UnTested but it will give you an idea) string[] lines = IO.File.ReadAllLines(“FilePath”) List<string> lst = new List<string>(); List<string> lstgroup = new List<string>(); … Read more

[Solved] Assist me in translating Visual Basic regex to C#? [closed]

Does this work properly for you? System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex r = new System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(“<input name=\”authenticity_token\” type=\”hidden\” value=\”.*\” />”); MatchCollection matches = r.Matches(theusercp); foreach (Match itemcode in matches) { autcode = UrlEncode((itemcode.Value.Split(‘\”‘).GetValue(5))); } Perhaps you’ll also have to write var autcode and/or Server.UrlEncode. 8 solved Assist me in translating Visual Basic regex to C#? [closed]

[Solved] Regex Conditions C# [closed]

I’m not sure if there is a way to short-circuit the Regex engine that way. You can use the control verbs (*FAIL) to immediately fail a match or (*LIMIT_MATCH=x) to limit the number of matches you receive to a specific quantity, but I don’t believe there’s a way to dynamically tell the engine to just … Read more

[Solved] remove part of url from google API [closed]

One approach would be to use the parse_str() and parse_url() functions. You can use this to separate the string information to find a certain parameter value. parse_str(parse_url($urlString, PHP_URL_QUERY), $array) All of the parameters would be stored in the $array variable. Credit: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3136450/2748747 solved remove part of url from google API [closed]