[Solved] C++ pow(400,-9) is giving wrong answer [closed]

calculator output of 4E-7 You entered the wrong calculation into your calculator. You entered 400×10-9, instead of 400-9.These are absolutely not the same thing! The C++ program is correct: pow(400, -9) calculates 400-9, which is approximately 3.815×10-24. Here is some further reading for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_notation#E_notation 7 solved C++ pow(400,-9) is giving wrong answer [closed]

[Solved] Why does my own power function, when used for calculating roots returns wrong result?

Your function didn’t work because its implementation uses a method that’s typically used for explaining powers intuitively (“take the number 1 and multiply it exponent times by the base“). However, that method is only applicable for natural numbers. It is not the actual mathematical definition for powers with arbitrary exponents. If you want to have … Read more