[Solved] Printing output by inside method

In your main function you are printing what the function returns, after you call it: ret = n.FindMax(a, b); //calls function with params a and b Console.WriteLine(“Max value is : {0}”, ret ); //prints out the value returned by FindMax So, to make your function print out the result, just print out the result inside … Read more

[Solved] var functionName = function() {} vs function functionName() {} in JavaScript

The difference is that functionOne is a function expression and so only defined when that line is reached, whereas functionTwo is a function declaration and is defined as soon as its surrounding function or script is executed (due to hoisting). For example, a function expression: // TypeError: functionOne is not a function functionOne(); var functionOne … Read more

[Solved] How can I tell if a method is being called?

You can use a private instance variable counter, that you can increment on every call to your method: – public class Demo { private int counter = 0; public void counter() { ++counter; } } Update : – According to your edit, you would need a static variable, which is shared among instances. So, once … Read more

[Solved] derived class not needing some of the parent methods or attributes

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do with this. But I think this will clear up the things for you. public class Course{ private String course = “CS101”; } public class FinishedCourse extends Course{ public void displayCourse(){ System.out.println(super.course); //compilation error. //You cannot access private variables even if it is in direct parent … Read more

[Solved] How to pass method name as a parmeter? [closed]

Refactor the code that is repeated into a method that takes an Action<int[]> parameter. Something like this (untested): void Main() { Random rnd = new Random(Guid.NewGuid().GetHashCode()); int[] ArrayRandom = new int[200000]; for (int j = 0; j < ArrayRandom.Length; j++) ArrayRandom[j] = rnd.Next(int.MaxValue); performSort(“Heap Sort”, ArrayRandom, HeapSort); performSort(“Cocktail Sort”, ArrayRandom, HeapSort); performSort(“Selection Sort”, ArrayRandom, HeapSort); … Read more

[Solved] What’s the difference between “#{self.key}” and “vynd6tg1hh”? [closed]

def get_wistia_media Wistia::Media.get(wistia_key) end Is calling a class method def wistia_key “#{self.key}” end Is defined as an instance method, try def self.wistia_key def wistia_key “vynd6tg1hh” end Just returns a string that will always be the same. 2 solved What’s the difference between “#{self.key}” and “vynd6tg1hh”? [closed]

[Solved] Trouble calling variables [closed]

The sample you provided have some mistakes. addValues method in your code is not accepting any parameters but your code is trying to pass 2 parameters. I have re wrote your code. Please see below code snippet meets your requirement private int addValues(int var1, int var2) { return var1 + var2; } private void plus_Click(object … Read more

[Solved] How to return a string from a method?

Your return type is void, not string. Change it to: private string SQLSelection() A void is a “returnless” action that is performed upon something and does not “return” back the values of the return statement. If you try to return a value, you get a compiler error as you are experiencing. In addition, you keep … Read more