[Solved] ParseFloat output is NaN [closed]

This is because you are trying to parse a string which has no valid digits. So, it cannot be converted to a number. That’s why parseFloat is returning NaN.

The arguments to parseFloat must always be strings which contain valid digits. You cannot convert fanta to a float value, because it has no numbers in it.

From this documentation

parseFloat is a top-level function and is not associated with any

parseFloat parses its argument, a string, and returns a floating point
number. If it encounters a character other than a sign (+ or -),
numeral (0-9), a decimal point, or an exponent, it returns the value
up to that point and ignores that character and all succeeding
characters. Leading and trailing spaces are allowed.

If the first character cannot be converted to a number, parseFloat
returns NaN.

For arithmetic purposes, the NaN value is not a number in any radix.
You can call the isNaN function to determine if the result of
parseFloat is NaN. If NaN is passed on to arithmetic operations, the
operation results will also be NaN.

The following examples all return 3.14

parseFloat("3.14more non-digit characters");

The following example returns NaN


solved ParseFloat output is NaN [closed]