[Solved] My wordpress website is not listed in google [closed]

The reason it is not being indexed is because of this in head <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”> That will say not to index the website, remove it and it should start to get indexed/crawled….I think you might need to look into the basics of SEO. EDIT: To remove that line either: Open the header.php file and … Read more

[Solved] WordPress wp_nav_menu within iFrame

To get a working nav menu WordPress needs to be set up complete. My suggestion is to use add_feed(). Ignore the name, you get text/html as output. Let’s start with code <?php # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- /* Plugin Name: T5 Iframe Nav Menu Description: Display a nav menu in an iframe. Version: 2012.05.18 Refresh … Read more