[Solved] What to do when no base class exists to a certain common interface in Java Swing

You can use the interface and create wrappers for each component type you need. JTextFieldSupportWrapper and JComboboxSupportWrapper both taking an instance of the wrapped object type and and delegating to the addActionListener methods. abstract class ActionListenerSupportWrapper<T extends JComponent> implements ActionListenerSupport { protected final T comp; protected ActionListenerSupportWrapper(T comp) { this.comp = comp; } } // … Read more

[Solved] In JAVA, can we use predefined class name as a variable name? [closed]

Yes, we can use predefined class name as variable. following code will work perfectly public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { int BufferedOutputStream = 3; //BufferedOutputStream is predefined class System.out.println(BufferedOutputStream); } } it is also possible to use user defined class name as variable name. example public class Test { public static … Read more

[Solved] I don’t understand this common java principle [duplicate]

Consider Apollo’s comment and google it. This is not only a java principle but a generall programming principle. You’re creating a new Answer Object. Let’s look at this example: public class Answer{ // The class private String answer; // internal variable only visible for the class public Answer(String answer){ // This is a constructor this.answer … Read more

[Solved] Class in Python [closed]

class Bird(object): def __init__(self, height, weight, has_feathers, capable_of_flying, bird_migrates, bird_sings, bird_eats_worms): self.height = height self.weight = weight self.has_feathers = has_feathers self.capable_of_flying = capable_of_flying self.bird_migrates = bird_migrates self.bird_sings = bird_sings self.bird_eats_worms = bird_eats_worms def get_height(self): return self.height def get_weight(self): return self.weight def get_has_feathers(self): if self.has_feathers: return “The bird has feathers” else: return “The bird does not … Read more

[Solved] keep a separate file with php class and pass variable to it [closed]

Put the class in one file, then include it using any of these options: Includes: include ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Require: require ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Require Once: require_once ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Or you can target the class with ajax or a form: /includes/class.php?var=input In the class include you would use: if(!empty($_GET[‘var’])){ //Do some check here for validation //let’s say I’m expecting a … Read more

[Solved] Javascript On hover

Hope this helps: http://jsbin.com/podip/2/edit // IE6 does not support getElementsByClassName so… function getElementsByClassName(className) { // http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6584635/getelementsbyclassname-doesnt-work-in-ie6 var elz = []; var elements = document.getElementsByTagName(“*”); for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) { var names = elements[i].className.split(‘ ‘); for (var j = 0; j < names.length; j++) { if (names[j] == className) elz.push(elements[i]); } … Read more

[Solved] class->methode1()->methode2() what does it mean? [closed]

class->methode1() returns a pointet to an object that provides a method methode2 you can call immediately. By doing this you create anonymous objects (rvalues if I am not wrong) and you call methods on those objects. You cannl actually say class2 = class1->methode(); and then call class2->methode2(); to achieve the same. (pseudo-code) 5 solved class->methode1()->methode2() … Read more

[Solved] Error In classes C++

If you do not provide any constructor in your class, the compiler will automatically create one for you. In your class, you have specified a particular constructor: MonthData(double, int, double, double, int, double, double); As soon as you provide any constructor, the compiler will not create a default constructor (i.e. one that takes no parameters). … Read more

[Solved] When i click on an element add another ID or class

Try .on() As your content is added dynamically so it is not accessible directly ,So you have to use Event delegation. $(“.minwidth_IE”).on(“click”,”#custom_background span”,function () { $(“#account ,.minwidth_IE ,.main .main-head ,#fa_toolbar”).removeClass(“bg1 bg2 bg3 bg4 bg5 bg7 bg8 bg_custom”).addClass(this.id); my_setcookie(“custom_background”, this.id, true) }); 3 solved When i click on an element add another ID or class

[Solved] Declaring objects and printing strings in PHP [closed]

This answer is from your first revision: https://stackoverflow.com/revisions/28522294/1 You have a few errors in your code: 1. Missing semicolon $this->hello_string = “Hello World!” //<- Missing semicolon at the end 2. Wrong access of class property’s echo “<font color=\”$this.font_colour\” size=\”$this.font_size\”>$this.hello_string</font>”; //… echo “<u><font color=\”$this.font_colour\” size=\”$this.font_size\”>$this.hello_string</font></u>”; I recommend you to concatenate the property’s with the string. How … Read more