[Solved] the keyword “final” for BigDecimal.java [closed]

Immutable means, that class does not contain any method that would change it’s internal state. Example of immutable class: class ImmutableInteger { private final int value; public ImmutableInteger(int value) {this.value = value;} public int value() {return value;} public ImmutableInteger add(int a) { // instead of changing this state, we will create new instance with result … Read more

[Solved] How do you use the user keyword “list”?

First up, list in this context is a variable name, not a keyword. And there’s nothing wrong with that loop code, provided that the Employee structure actually has an isEmpty member that you can assign 1 to. It simply runs through a provided array (called list), setting each element in turn to be empty. However, … Read more

[Solved] What is the use of iter in python?

First of all: iter() normally is a function. Your code masks the function by using a local variable with the same name. You can do this with any built-in Python object. In other words, you are not using the iter() function here. You are using a for loop variable that happens to use the same … Read more