Just use color.equals(“Black”); import java.util.*; public class emptyclass{ public static void main (String[]args){ Scanner in = new Scanner (System.in); System.out.println(“Enter a Color:”); String color = in.next(); if (color.equals(“Black”)) { System.out.println(“You chose color Black”); } else { System.out.println(“Please Choose a color”); } } } It is working. solved NEED ANSWERS FOR THIS SIMPLE “IF” AND “ELSE” … Read more

[Solved] Java – Error in Enhanced for loop

a_row is containing all the rows of the two dimensional array and you are accessing a_row[i] where i value of the row and you have no a_row[3] in your code change like following for(int[] a_row: a){ for(int index=0; index < a_row.length; index++){ a_row[index]+=1; } } for(int[] a_row: a){ for(int i: a_row){ System.out.print(i+”\t”); } System.out.println(“\n”); } … Read more

[Solved] Disable Home Button programmatically for Android 4.4.4 [closed]

I’m pretty sure Toddler Lock just uses a BroadcastReciever and listens for Intent.ACTION_MAIN and the category Intent.CATEGORY_HOME – that’s why when you first launch it, it tells you to check the “use this application as default” box, and makes you select toddler lock. So, it’s not really blocking the Home button at all, it’s just setting itself up as … Read more

[Solved] Java (beginner): creating a menu that displays features of a calculator

You can use Scanner class. For example: java.util.Scanner in = new java.util.Scanner(System.in); String input = in.nextLine(); switch (input.toLowerCase()) { case “a”: System.out.println(“Option \”a\” selected;”); break; case “b”: System.out.println(“Option \”b\” selected;”); break; solved Java (beginner): creating a menu that displays features of a calculator

[Solved] Meaning of “>>>” in Java [duplicate]

>>>= is similar to += but with a unsigned right shift (>>>) operation. int foo = Integer.parseInt(“1000”, 2); //shift 3 times to the right : “1000” becomes “0001” = “1” foo>>>=3; System.out.print(Integer.toBinaryString(foo)); output : 1 solved Meaning of “>>>” in Java [duplicate]

[Solved] How to handle wrong user input [closed]

If you are using scanner, you can use the nextInt() method with the condition hasNextInt() which would only read integer inputs. Have a look at this post for example: Taken from the above mentioned post. Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.print(“Enter number 1: “); while (!sc.hasNextInt()) sc.next(); int num1 = sc.nextInt(); int num2; System.out.print(“Enter number … Read more

[Solved] insert data into database after an interval by Java [closed]

I would use the java.util.concurrent.* package since it’s newer and better for threading (which all timers/delay’s will need to implement in order to not block your program) This example will execute your task, then re-schedule itself automatically… nice! (the try/finally block ensures no exception will break our schedule): import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledExecutorService; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; class Task implements … Read more