[Solved] Random UnreachableBrowserException when running Selenium tests

I faced the same issue in past after upgrading Service pack it was resolved. But also suggest you to look at the below. Check your network settings (firewall, proxy, antivirus software) to find the cause of “Permission denied: connect” Find out it is windows 7’s problem, upgrade to SP1 the problem solved. Seems when running … Read more

[Solved] I can get error in this code [closed]

Just make the double quotes in the xpath to single quotes. //*[@id=”Email”] to //*[@id=’Email’] //*[@id=”next”] to //*[@id=’next’] E:\\ChromeDriver to E:/ChromeDriver.exe Your scrips works fine after this. 8 solved I can get error in this code [closed]

[Solved] Error “no such element: Unable to locate element”

The email field is inside the frame. Before access any element in the frame, you have to switch. please try following code. public static WebElement Email_Field(WebDriver driver) throws InterruptedException { WebElement element; (new WebDriverWait(driver, 30)).until(ExpectedConditions.frameToBeAvailableAndSwitchToIt(“alibaba-login-box”)); element = driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//input[@id=’fm-login-id’]”)); while (!isDisplayed(element)) { Thread.sleep(3000); System.out.println(“Element is not visible yet”); } return element; } solved Error “no such … Read more

[Solved] Scraped CSV pandas dataframe I get: ValueError(‘Length of values does not match length of ‘ ‘index’)

You need merge with inner join: print(‘####CURRIES###’) df1 = pd.read_csv(‘C:\\O\\df1.csv’, index_col=False, usecols=[0,1,2], names=[“EW”, “WE”, “DA”], header=None) print(df1.head()) ####CURRIES### EW WE \ 0 can v can 1.90 1 Lanus U20 v Argentinos Jrs U20 2.10 2 Botafogo RJ U20 v Toluca U20 1.83 3 Atletico Mineiro U20 v Bahia U20 2.10 4 FC Porto v Monaco … Read more

[Solved] how to scrape web page that is not written directly using HTML, but is auto-generated using JavaScript? [closed]

Run this script and I suppose it will give you everything the table contains including a csv output. import csv from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.by import By from selenium.webdriver.support.wait import WebDriverWait from selenium.webdriver.support import expected_conditions as EC driver = webdriver.Chrome() wait = WebDriverWait(driver, 10) outfile = open(‘table_data.csv’,’w’,newline=””) writer = csv.writer(outfile) driver.get(“http://washingtonmonthly.com/college_guide?ranking=2016-rankings-national-universities”) wait.until(EC.frame_to_be_available_and_switch_to_it(“iFrameResizer0”)) wait.until(EC.visibility_of_element_located((By.CSS_SELECTOR, ‘table.tablesaw’))) … Read more

[Solved] every day xpath are changing [closed]

If your xpath will always be changing, to get your Selenium code to work atleast there should be some pattern in how it changes, for example it may be dependent on current date. Then you can code accordingly to generate your xpath dynamically every time you run your script. If there is no such pattern … Read more

[Solved] Understanding Java Artifacts and Maven

Is there a file associated with this artifact? Yes, what you have posted is known as a coordinate. It references a jar named selenium-java that is in the group org.seleniumhq.selenium. Groups, identified by the groupId component of the coordinate, are a way of namespacing artifacts within maven to prevent naming collisions. This coordinate says that … Read more