[Solved] Exception in overriding methods [duplicate]

Overridden methods cannot throw newer or broader checked exception just because, when the object of this class is referred polymorphic-ally, the caller can handle only exceptions shown in the contract by the base class method implementation. Overridden method can throw unchecked exception in case if parent method throws it or not. You can even not … Read more

[Solved] Exception: cannot be cast to java.lang.Long [closed]

Long projectRoleSkillId = (Long) getValues().iterator().next(); This is not a Long. I assume getValues() returns an iterable of type ProjectRoleSkill. To avoid this, instead of having public Set<Object> getValues() { return new HashSet<Object>(grid.getSelectedRows()); } you should rewrite the method signature to public Set<ProjectRoleSkill> getValues() { return new HashSet<>(grid.getSelectedRows()); } This way, the IDE won’t let you … Read more

[Solved] Regexp. How to extract values from xml document [closed]

If it really looks like this: <myid>1234</myid> …you can extract it like this: Matcher match = Pattern.compile(“<myid>(\d+)</myid>”).matcher(str); …and then use the matcher repeatedly, getting the value from the capture group. But there’s a reason everyone is telling you to use a proper parser. There are lots of ways the above can fail, both matching inappropriately … Read more

[Solved] Creating a class in java [closed]

This is a bit of a trick question because the answer is not specifically related to a final class but any class. So, a. a default no argument constructor is provided if you do not explicitly define any constructors for your class c. every class must have at least 1 constructor 0 solved Creating a … Read more

[Solved] Creating a class in java [closed]

Introduction Creating a class in Java is a fundamental part of the language and is essential for any Java programmer. A class is a template for creating objects, and it is the basic building block of object-oriented programming. In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of creating a class in Java, including the syntax, … Read more

[Solved] String formatting under a certain character [closed]

Since in the comment, the OP attempted to use String.format(), here is an approach to consider. Rather than trying to get the number to align right with the “%23d”, align the word and the count separately. String.format(“%-23s%2d:”, getWord(), count); The %-23d will format the getWord() in 23 spaces, left aligned, then the %2d will right … Read more

[Solved] String formatting under a certain character [closed]

Introduction String formatting is a powerful tool for manipulating text in a variety of ways. It allows you to control the appearance of text by changing the way it is displayed, such as by adding a certain character to the beginning or end of a string. This can be useful for creating a consistent look … Read more

[Solved] What to do when no base class exists to a certain common interface in Java Swing

You can use the interface and create wrappers for each component type you need. JTextFieldSupportWrapper and JComboboxSupportWrapper both taking an instance of the wrapped object type and and delegating to the addActionListener methods. abstract class ActionListenerSupportWrapper<T extends JComponent> implements ActionListenerSupport { protected final T comp; protected ActionListenerSupportWrapper(T comp) { this.comp = comp; } } // … Read more

[Solved] Return breakes loop

Where is the call for time() in your example? If you want to generate new time, means current time, you need to call time() function. for example: String currentTime=time(); … //some code … currentTime=time();//initializing current time 0 solved Return breakes loop

[Solved] Can someone help me with creating below JSON in java [closed]

JsonObject inputObject=new JsonObject(); JsonObject triggerObject=new JsonObject(); JsonObject mainObject=new JsonObject(); try{ inputObject.put(“auth”,”EaIv0NlXiDWJrpvLkAdP”); inputObject.put(“domain”,”rangersrockerz”); triggerObject.put(“input”,inputObject); triggerObject.put(“name”,”new user2″); mainObject.put(“trigger”,triggerObject); } catch(Exception e){ } 1 solved Can someone help me with creating below JSON in java [closed]

[Solved] In JAVA, can we use predefined class name as a variable name? [closed]

Yes, we can use predefined class name as variable. following code will work perfectly public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { int BufferedOutputStream = 3; //BufferedOutputStream is predefined class System.out.println(BufferedOutputStream); } } it is also possible to use user defined class name as variable name. example public class Test { public static … Read more