[Solved] Android Application Compatibility [closed]

I think you are looking for this <supports-screens android:resizeable=[“true”| “false”] android:smallScreens=[“true” | “false”] android:normalScreens=[“true” | “false”] android:largeScreens=[“true” | “false”] android:xlargeScreens=[“true” | “false”] android:anyDensity=[“true” | “false”] android:requiresSmallestWidthDp=”integer” android:compatibleWidthLimitDp=”integer” android:largestWidthLimitDp=”integer”/> But Seriously By giving this you can not achieve what you are looking for Read this from developer site also an example 2 solved Android Application Compatibility … Read more

[Solved] How to backup Android SDK? [closed]

Attach an external hard drive/pen drive to your computer via a USB port Copy the folder where you installed android-sdk-windows (select the folder then press Ctrl+C) Open the hard drive once it is connected by double clicking on it. Press Ctrl+V once you are inside the hard drive folder. 3 solved How to backup Android … Read more

[Solved] Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

This is what you are looking for, public Object JSONData() throws Exception { JSONObject JSONObjectData = new JSONObject(); JSONArray loomMachineArr = new JSONArray(); loomMachineArr.add(“Waterjet”); loomMachineArr.add(“Rapier”); JSONArray LoomType= new JSONArray(); LoomType.add(“Dobby”); LoomType.add(“Crank”); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomMachine”, loomMachineArr); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomType”, LoomType); return root; } solved Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

[Solved] Disable Home Button programmatically for Android 4.4.4 [closed]

I’m pretty sure Toddler Lock just uses a BroadcastReciever and listens for Intent.ACTION_MAIN and the category Intent.CATEGORY_HOME – that’s why when you first launch it, it tells you to check the “use this application as default” box, and makes you select toddler lock. So, it’s not really blocking the Home button at all, it’s just setting itself up as … Read more

[Solved] Sensitive information in Android app? [closed]

All information available to your client (the app) is possible to extract, though some can be more difficult. As such, you should consider any such information public, and structure your security measures accordingly. In your specific example, the complex password doesn’t help much, since you will have to include the password in the code (or … Read more