[Solved] Check C Programming Code [closed]

There are many prblems in your code. To name a few: scanf(“%c”,&choice1); will consider the enter key press. case 5 float price(); –> not correct. if(decision1 == ‘y’){ main(); }–> use a flag and do..while() etc. etc. Also, it is not a very good practive to put everything inside main. To clean up the code … Read more

[Solved] Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

This is what you are looking for, public Object JSONData() throws Exception { JSONObject JSONObjectData = new JSONObject(); JSONArray loomMachineArr = new JSONArray(); loomMachineArr.add(“Waterjet”); loomMachineArr.add(“Rapier”); JSONArray LoomType= new JSONArray(); LoomType.add(“Dobby”); LoomType.add(“Crank”); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomMachine”, loomMachineArr); JSONObjectData.put(“LoomType”, LoomType); return root; } solved Making JSON including JSONObject and JSONArray

[Solved] Given an array of strings, convert each string into: uppercase if first letter is capital lower case if first letter is small

Introduction This article will discuss how to convert an array of strings into either uppercase or lowercase depending on the first letter of each string. We will go through the steps of writing a function that takes an array of strings as an argument and returns an array of strings with the first letter of … Read more

[Solved] Java – Error in Enhanced for loop

a_row is containing all the rows of the two dimensional array and you are accessing a_row[i] where i value of the row and you have no a_row[3] in your code change like following for(int[] a_row: a){ for(int index=0; index < a_row.length; index++){ a_row[index]+=1; } } for(int[] a_row: a){ for(int i: a_row){ System.out.print(i+”\t”); } System.out.println(“\n”); } … Read more

[Solved] Find duplicate number in array and print the last duplicate number only [closed]

Simple way is iterate and compare it. like below, I hope it may solve your problem int[] a = {1,2,2,3,4,3,5,5,7}; String b = “”; int count=0; for(int i = 0; i<a.length;i++){ for(int j=0; j<a.length;j++){ if(a[i]==a[j]){ count++; } } if(count>1){ count=0; b = String.valueOf(a[i]); }else{ count = 0; } } System.out.println(“last duplicate value : ” + … Read more

[Solved] Array’s elements in JavaScript [duplicate]

This is an approach using Array.reduce() https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Array/reduce First I determine for each unique value in the array how many times it does occur, by returning an object like {“1”: 3, “2”: 3, “3”: 1} Then I determine which are the values occurred most of the times in the array, by returning an object like {“count”: … Read more

[Solved] both are char but i get, invalid conversion from `char’ to `char*’ [closed]

Not only are you confusing the order or parametres in strcpy (it’s destination, then source, so strcpy(xstring, animalsarray[j][0]); would have it’s parametres inverted), you’re confusing a char with a pointer-to-char. xstring is a char, and you’re trying to use it as a string. If you want to set all the elements of the array to … Read more

[Solved] Arrays cannot be half of a number [closed]

Your understanding is correct: 8.3.4 Arrays In a declaration T D where D has the form D1 [constant-expression opt ] and the type of the identifier in the declaration T D1 is “derived-declarator-type-list T,” then the type of the identifier of D is an array type. T is called the array element type; this type … Read more

[Solved] find max value of a key in array

Try something like this: $max_index = null; $max_value = 0; foreach($DoctorEducation as $key => $array){ if($array[‘degree_type_id’] > $max_value){ $max_value = $array[‘degree_type_id’]; $max_index = $key; } } print_r($DoctorEducation[$max_index]); This gives you the index and the value of the key with the highest degree_type_id 1 solved find max value of a key in array

[Solved] how to remove excess data in javascript array [closed]

Your selector is considering all the checkboxes on the page which are checked so the extra values are of some other checkboxes, instead use .map on input:checkbox:checked[name=”lecture”] $(‘#separate_course_list’).on(“change”, “:checkbox”, function () { var values = $(‘input:checkbox:checked[name=”lecture”]’).map(function () { return this.value; }).get(); // [“1”, “2”, “4”] $(“input[name=”comment”]”).val(values); //this input saves array }); 4 solved how to … Read more

[Solved] JavaScript: Comparing two objects

Try with Array#reduce . Updated with all key pair match Validate the edited array id value is available in original array using Array#map and indexOf function If not push entire object to new array First recreate the original array to object format like {key:[value]} Then match each key value pair match or not with forEach … Read more

[Solved] You are given an array consisting of n integers. Print the last two digits of the product of its array values [duplicate]

You can try this (it’s version of Python3): n = int(input()) arr = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split())) result = 1 for num in arr: result = (result * num) % 100 print(“{:02d}”.format(result)) A little bit modify for better algorithm: n = int(input()) arr = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split())) result = 1 for num in arr: result = (result * … Read more