[Solved] JavaScript: Comparing two objects

Try with Array#reduce . Updated with all key pair match Validate the edited array id value is available in original array using Array#map and indexOf function If not push entire object to new array First recreate the original array to object format like {key:[value]} Then match each key value pair match or not with forEach … Read more

[Solved] How do I return/implement the toString for the ArrayList? Also, just want to check that I’ve correctly created my objects?

You have a lot of error in your code : First Don’t ever name your variables with Upper letter in beginning, java use camelCase Second Don’t declare your variable with private public in your method. private ArrayList<Object> List = new ArrayList<Object>(); Third You can’t declare a method inside another method you have to close the … Read more

[Solved] Filter an object based on values in an array [duplicate]

You can use reduce to create the result and operator in to check if the key exists: const obj = {“John”:44,”Sarah”:23,”Bob”:43,”Kate”:65,”Bill”:18}; const keys = [‘John’, ‘Bob’, ‘Kate’, ‘Bill’, ‘Fred’]; const result = keys.reduce((acc, el) => { if (el in obj) acc[el] = obj[el]; return acc; }, {}); console.log(result); Another approach is to convert the object … Read more

[Solved] How to read google returned data object in PHP [closed]

If you have an object like this. Follow this example: // THIS IS A SAMPLE, JUST TO SIMULATE how to access values inside class Google_Service_Oauth2_Userinfoplus { public $email=”[email protected]”; public $familyName=”Janorkar”; public $gender = null; public $givenName=”Mona”; public $hd = null; public $id = ‘11018813453254107047543’; public $name=”Mona Janorkar”; public $verifiedEmail = 1; protected $data = array( … Read more

[Solved] Rearranging an inputted string [closed]

You can parse the input string and split it about the comma , example:- String s1=”Casey Carter, Cartwright, [email protected]”; String[] arr=s1.split(“,”); // you will get each individual input terms i.e first name , lastname, email in string array Then you can build a string using it:- String s2=arr[1]+”,”+arr[0]; Note that this will build string Cartwright, … Read more