[Solved] JavaScript: Comparing two objects

Try with Array#reduce . Updated with all key pair match Validate the edited array id value is available in original array using Array#map and indexOf function If not push entire object to new array First recreate the original array to object format like {key:[value]} Then match each key value pair match or not with forEach … Read more

[Solved] How do I return/implement the toString for the ArrayList? Also, just want to check that I’ve correctly created my objects?

You have a lot of error in your code : First Don’t ever name your variables with Upper letter in beginning, java use camelCase Second Don’t declare your variable with private public in your method. private ArrayList<Object> List = new ArrayList<Object>(); Third You can’t declare a method inside another method you have to close the … Read more

[Solved] Filter an object based on values in an array [duplicate]

You can use reduce to create the result and operator in to check if the key exists: const obj = {“John”:44,”Sarah”:23,”Bob”:43,”Kate”:65,”Bill”:18}; const keys = [‘John’, ‘Bob’, ‘Kate’, ‘Bill’, ‘Fred’]; const result = keys.reduce((acc, el) => { if (el in obj) acc[el] = obj[el]; return acc; }, {}); console.log(result); Another approach is to convert the object … Read more

[Solved] How to read google returned data object in PHP [closed]

If you have an object like this. Follow this example: // THIS IS A SAMPLE, JUST TO SIMULATE how to access values inside class Google_Service_Oauth2_Userinfoplus { public $email=”[email protected]”; public $familyName=”Janorkar”; public $gender = null; public $givenName=”Mona”; public $hd = null; public $id = ‘11018813453254107047543’; public $name=”Mona Janorkar”; public $verifiedEmail = 1; protected $data = array( … Read more

[Solved] Rearranging an inputted string [closed]

You can parse the input string and split it about the comma , example:- String s1=”Casey Carter, Cartwright, [email protected]”; String[] arr=s1.split(“,”); // you will get each individual input terms i.e first name , lastname, email in string array Then you can build a string using it:- String s2=arr[1]+”,”+arr[0]; Note that this will build string Cartwright, … Read more

[Solved] String object creation in loop [closed]

Your code is going to loop 1001 times, thus creating 1001 independent String-objects. s is a local variable inside the loop, thus the garbage collector is going to free the memory occupied by these no longer referenced instances as soon as the system needs the memory. Thus, I would not expect any memory issues. As … Read more

[Solved] On what objects we should use dispose method ? C# 4.0

If for some bizarre reason you don’t know at run-time if an object has dispose implemented, you can use this dispose-safe function: /// —- IsDisposable ——————————– /// /// <summary> /// returns true if an object is disposable, false if not /// you can optionally dispose of it immediately /// </summary> public static Boolean IsDisposable(Object Item, … Read more

[Solved] Java: Creating an object, specified by a variable

In java, you can do this by using Reflection: Reflection is commonly used by programs which require the ability to examine or modify the runtime behavior of applications running in the Java virtual machine. For example: try { addObject(c.newInstance(),x,y); } catch (InstantiationException | IllegalAccessException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } For more about reflection, you can read … Read more

[Solved] need to create new array called result with key/value from posts and inside that reviews array with user and comment key/value objects

Use map with filter: let posts = [{ “id”: 101, “title”: “Some post title” }, { “id”: 102, “title”: “Some Another post title” }, { “id”: 103, “title”: “Some Best post title ever” } ] let reviews = [{ “postId”: 101, “user”: “Chris”, “comment”: “Great post!” }, { “postId”: 101, “user”: “Jason”, “comment”: “Worth reading.” … Read more