[Solved] Return breakes loop

Where is the call for time() in your example? If you want to generate new time, means current time, you need to call time() function. for example: String currentTime=time(); … //some code … currentTime=time();//initializing current time 0 solved Return breakes loop

[Solved] Returning specific regions [closed]

You can group the results of regionprops into a vector and use it for indexing: rg = regionprops( L, ‘Area’ ); allArea = [rg(:).Area]; % grouping all area values into a single vecotr labels = find( allArea >= 300 & allArea < 500); % select relevant regions solved Returning specific regions [closed]

[Solved] How can I solve this String length problem?

Have you tried calculating the length within the function rather than in the console log? This ensures that all of the logic is first completed within the function before it is returned in the console log. Your function expects the string name, but you are passing name.length function getNameLength(name){ return name.length; } console.log(getNameLength(‘John’)); console.log(getNameLength(‘Argentina!’)); console.log(getNameLength(‘Macedonia’)); … Read more

[Solved] what happens on returning previous activity?

Activity A and Activity B, When you move from Activity A to Activity B the lifecycle is as follows Activity A ——————– onCreate() //A onStart() //A onResume() //A – here user can interact with UI(buttons,views), user click button and it moves to second activity onPause() //A ——————– onCreate() //Activity B onStart() //B onResume() //B ——————– … Read more

[Solved] Whats wrong with this $return?

You’ve got <?php ?> inside existing PHP code. You cannot nest <?php ?>. Since you are using double quotes, simple variables like $kinsource will be interpolated but the function call to get_bloginfo() will have to be concatenated in. Switch all other double quotes inside the string to single quotes. $return .= “<a href=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9354628/$kinsource” class=”lightbox” rel=”pics”><img … Read more

[Solved] the return statement of C in a function

case 10: verifyValue(value); // the rest of code part 1 break; verifyValue() function is called and after returning from that function // the rest of code part 1 is executed. After that break is executed so you get out of switch construct. Later the control is returned to main() and // the rest of code … Read more

[Solved] how do i return the array from method?

To answer your question “How to return the matrix”: you are already doing it the right way. As you can see from the comments so far, the problem lies in the declaration of A. A is declared and initialized inside the for-loop: int [][]A = new int [size_num][size_num]; Hence its visibility is limited to the … Read more

[Solved] Why does return not work?

Return works perfectly, it’s just that your code is not using it. The call to factorial(num) produces no output, just the return value. If you want to see it printed, add cout << factorial(num) << endl; 6 solved Why does return not work?