[Solved] Returning specific regions [closed]

You can group the results of regionprops into a vector and use it for indexing: rg = regionprops( L, ‘Area’ ); allArea = [rg(:).Area]; % grouping all area values into a single vecotr labels = find( allArea >= 300 & allArea < 500); % select relevant regions solved Returning specific regions [closed]

[Solved] c# faster way to read all textboxes/labels [closed]

You can create an array with the references to the labels: Label[] labels = { eLabel1, eLabel2, eLabel3, … }; Producing an array with the texts from the labels would be a one-liner: string[] values = labels.Select(l => l.Text).ToArray(); solved c# faster way to read all textboxes/labels [closed]

[Solved] How to show labels with direction on google map api

One option would be to create that <div> as a custom control, create the links for “View larger map” and “Directions” by sending the user to Google Maps. proof of concept fiddle code snippet: google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, ‘load’, init); var lat = 25.2091043; var lng = 55.2725799; function init() { var mapOptions1 = { zoom: 18, center: … Read more

[Solved] Label Array in VB.net [closed]

If you have the timer set up and working already, try something like this for your array: ‘These will be your labels: Dim oLabel As New Label Dim oLabel2 As New Label ‘Create the array from your labels: Dim aLabels() As Label = {oLabel, oLabel2} ‘loop through your array: For each oLabel as Label in … Read more

[Solved] Simple order form C# buttons not changing labels

To elaborate on my above answer in the comments, ensure the button’s click event has a handler attached to it. Such as: public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); Button1.Click += Button1_click; } You can also set this via the designer by double clicking the control to automatically create the event handler in your code and then modify … Read more

[Solved] Printing all Labels in a Form VB.net

See this page for a breakdown on vb.net printing methods: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/72b5a038-912d-4455-929d-89eeb9984d7c/how-do-i-print-a-form-in-vbnet?forum=Vsexpressvb To get the text out of all your labels, use this code: For Each ctrl As Control In Me.Controls If TypeOf (ctrl) Is Label Then Dim newLine As String = ctrl.Name & “: ” & ctrl.Text ‘Process newLine as you see fit End If … Read more