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[Solved] How can I do this effectively? [closed]

One way to do it using sum(), list comprehension and recursion, def simulated_sum(input): “””This is a recursive function to find the simulated sum of an integer””” if len(str(input)) == 1: return input else: input_digits = [int(x) for x in str(input)]…

[Solved] counting word instances in a string

“i” is a variable used to keep track of what iteration you are on for the loop. “i” starts at 1 and each iteration is incremented by 1. The “s[i:i+3]” means “the values in s from the character at ‘i’…

[Solved] How to create django project [closed]

Try using “$ django-admin startproject myproject”, the myproject should be the folder that contains your project. If that doesn’t work try checking this website: And follow the steps. 1 solved How to create django project [closed]