[Solved] Using Python from a XML file ,I want to get only the tags that have a value? [closed]

Load xml, traverse it (eg recursively), return tags with non-empty text. Here as generator: import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET def getNonemptyTagsGenerator(xml): for elem in xml: yield from getNonemptyTagsGenerator(elem) if len(xml) == 0: if xml.text and xml.text.strip(): yield xml xml = ET.parse(file_path).getroot() print([elem for elem in getNonemptyTagsGenerator(xml)]) Result: [<Element ‘field’ at 0x7fb2c967fea8>, <Element ‘text’ at 0x7fb2c9679048>] You … Read more

[Solved] Python HTML parsing from url [closed]

From Python HTMLParser Documentation: from HTMLParser import HTMLParser # create a subclass and override the handler methods class MyHTMLParser(HTMLParser): def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs): print “Encountered a start tag:”, tag def handle_endtag(self, tag): print “Encountered an end tag :”, tag def handle_data(self, data): print “Encountered some data :”, data # instantiate the parser and fed it … Read more

[Solved] Parsing bot protected site

There are multiple ways of bypassing the site protection. You have to see exactly how they are blocking you. One common way of blocking requests is to look at the User Agent header. The client ( in your case the requests library ) will inform the server about it’s identity. Generally speaking, a browser will … Read more

[Solved] How to reduce time of the parsing and inserting into database when there is bulky data on web in android? [closed]

If you really want to parse and store into the database so better way is to load in some range like 0-50-100-150 or 0-100-200. So You can achieve this by using ListView with load Button. You can make it like it will load automatically while scrolling to position say 50 or 100 what ever its … Read more

[Solved] Android: Download personal’s information from server [duplicate]

There exist a lot of libraries that can be used for loading the images from server. Listing out some of them Picasso UIL Most of the image loading libraries provide caching mechanism, so that there is no need to store the images over phone’s storage. solved Android: Download personal’s information from server [duplicate]

[Solved] How to parse this? [closed]

Here in above image of structure of your JSON you should better use http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ and paste your json here to view and understand its structure and then can use GSON or any other library to parse it and get what you want out of it 2 solved How to parse this? [closed]

[Solved] How do I parse “N/A – -0.09%” and extract the number after the first hyphen in PHP? [closed]

I wouldn’t use a regex here, I’d just remove the two quotes (replacing ” with nothing using str_replace()), then split the string into words (using explode() with ‘ ‘ as the delimiter), then grab the last “word” using array_pop(). url=”abc123.php”; $data = file_get_contents($url); //$data contains “N/A – -0.09%” (the string to parse) $match = array_pop(explode(‘ … Read more

[Solved] The Possibility of a “True” Quiz Generator [closed]

Is an automatic quiz generator possible? It depends on what you call automatic, and what you consider a successful level of functionality. Something is definitely possible. Is it that automatic, or do you have to enter your own questions and correct answers? Can it observe text syntax so that it can create questions based on … Read more

[Solved] Python List parsing (incude int, str)

This is the way to go: x = [‘2’, ‘3/4’, ‘+’, ‘4’, ‘3/5’] g = [] for i in x: try: g.append(int(i)) except ValueError: pass print(g) # [2, 4] What you tried is not a try-except block. It is an if statement which failed because ‘4’ is not an int instance (4 is, notice the … Read more

[Solved] In JavaScript, what is the simplest way to insert text into a string?

Use: var queryStringParts = queryString.split(‘&’); var pairs = queryStringParts.map(function(str) { return str.split(‘=’) }) var rewrittenParts = pairs.map(function(pair){ return ‘slides[0].’ + pair[0] + ‘=’ + pair[1] }); var newQuerystring = rewrittenParts.join(‘&’); As was pointed out in the comments, in this specific case we could skip the split into pairs step and just do var queryStringParts = … Read more