[Solved] C++ generate random numbers for a given seed [closed]

According to the documentation (which you really should read!): Returns a pseudo-random integral value between ​0​ and RAND_MAX Where RAND_MAX is implementation defined, but is guaranteed to be at least 32767. In fact, it often is 32767, and that appears to apply to you. The documentation also states: rand() is not recommended for serious random-number … Read more

[Solved] How to make every ‘beginner’ shown at random during the run of the program [closed]

So this isn’t exactly an answer for the specific way you decided to go about this program but this is a much simpler way: from random import randrange def beginner_addition(): A = randrange(1,11) # Increase range on harder questions B = randrange(1,11) # Ex. for intermediate_addition(), randrange would be (10,21) maybe… C = A + … Read more

[Solved] How to improve the uniformly distributed of a given random function to generate uniformly distributed numbers? [closed]

what can be improved on a given random function to make it more random or for a bigger range or something else? and therefore no SRANDOM can be used up to now. How to improve the randomness of the fuction above, if possible ? Sooo write your own SRANDOM with your own semantics. Ex: srandom() … Read more

[Solved] C++ generate 25 digit random number?

Declare an array of twenty-six characters. In a loop from zero to twenty-four (inclusive) generate a random value between ‘0’ and ‘9’, and add to the array. Terminate the array with the string terminator. Now you have a string with 25 random decimal digits. For the actual random-number generation, I suggest you look into the … Read more

[Solved] Error in using rand function [closed]

The solution you look for is rand() % 7 + 4 which will give you results from range [4, 10]. More general, for given min and max to obtain random value from [min, max] you go for rand() % (max – min + 1) + min 1 solved Error in using rand function [closed]

[Solved] C++ Probllem with output [closed]

You should be able to just use string concatenation with +. mfile.open ( accname + “.txt”); If you are not on c++ 11, then you probably need a C-style string. mfile.open ( (accname + “.txt”).c_str()); 5 solved C++ Probllem with output [closed]