[Solved] Comment xml elements programmatically

Introduction Solution You can do it easily with XDocument var xDocument = XDocument.Parse(@”<configuration> <property> <name>name</name> <value>dinesh</value> </property> <property> <name>city</name> <value>Delhi</value> </property> </configuration>”); var firstPropertyElement = xDocument .Descendants(“property”) .First();//Find your element var xComment = new XComment(firstPropertyElement.ToString());//Create comment firstPropertyElement.ReplaceWith(xComment);//Replace the element with comment Console.WriteLine(xDocument); Which outputs: <configuration> <!–<property> <name>name</name> <value>dinesh</value> </property>–> <property> <name>city</name> <value>Delhi</value> </property> </configuration>

[Solved] Using Python from a XML file ,I want to get only the tags that have a value? [closed]

Load xml, traverse it (eg recursively), return tags with non-empty text. Here as generator: import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET def getNonemptyTagsGenerator(xml): for elem in xml: yield from getNonemptyTagsGenerator(elem) if len(xml) == 0: if xml.text and xml.text.strip(): yield xml xml = ET.parse(file_path).getroot() print([elem for elem in getNonemptyTagsGenerator(xml)]) Result: [<Element ‘field’ at 0x7fb2c967fea8>, <Element ‘text’ at 0x7fb2c9679048>] You … Read more

[Solved] how can parse this xml file? [closed]

try This try { InputStream mInputStream = getAssets().open(“XmlData.xml”); XmlPullParserFactory xmlFactoryObject = XmlPullParserFactory.newInstance(); XmlPullParser myparser = xmlFactoryObject.newPullParser(); myparser.setInput(mInputStream, null); int event = myparser.getEventType(); while (event != XmlPullParser.END_DOCUMENT) { String name=myparser.getName(); switch (event){ case XmlPullParser.START_TAG: break; case XmlPullParser.END_TAG: if(name.equals(“page”)){ Log.e(“TAG”,””+ myparser.getAttributeValue(null,”id”)); Log.e(“Page content “,””+ myparser.getAttributeValue(null,”text”)); } break; } event = myparser.next(); } } catch (Exception e) { … Read more

[Solved] PHP: Echoing XML code- variable in the tag

Define a variable and use it in the echo like: echo ‘<Say voice= “‘.$voice.'” language=”fr”>stuff</Say>’; Give $voice whatever value you want. Also, escape the inner quotes if you need any! echo ‘<Say voice= “‘.$gender.'” language=”fr”>\’\'</Say>’; solved PHP: Echoing XML code- variable in the tag

[Solved] Fetch the products URL [closed]

There are many ways to get XML from a URL – perhaps the simplest is using simplexml_load_file : $xml = simplexml_load_file($url); print_r($xml); Where obviously $url is your URL. You can add the username and password into the URL like http://username:password@url/ Or you could use cURL and then simplexml_load_string to parse the results: $ch = curl_init(); … Read more

[Solved] how to read and get the values from xml [closed]

System.Xml.XmlDocument doc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument(); doc.Load(@”c:\testapp\sample.xml”); // Root element System.Xml.XmlElement root = doc.DocumentElement; System.Xml.XmlElement nameElement =(System.Xml.XmlElement)root.ChildNodes[0]; string name = name.InnerText; System.Xml.XmlElement ageElemnent =(System.Xml.XmlElement)root.ChildNodes[1]; string age = ageElemnent.InnerText; System.Xml.XmlElement sexElemnent =(System.Xml.XmlElement)root.ChildNodes[2]; string sex= sexElemnent.InnerText; solved how to read and get the values from xml [closed]

[Solved] Unable to parse XAML/XML

I found that the XAML content that I read from the file contained BOM. I BOM is stripped out, the XAML code is parsable. I use Visual Studio 2010. The “Text Visualizer” in debugging mode did not show any sign of BOM (the XAML string is in UTF8). But when I accidently copied the text … Read more

[Solved] How to convert xml objects to python objects? [closed]

I’d go with using xmltodict: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import xmltodict data = “””<wordbook> <item> <name>engrossment</name> <phonetic><![CDATA[ɪn’grəʊsmənt]]></phonetic> <meaning><![CDATA[n. 正式缮写的文件,专注]]></meaning> </item> <item> <name>graffiti</name> <phonetic><![CDATA[ɡrəˈfi:ti:]]></phonetic> <meaning><![CDATA[n.在墙上的乱涂乱写(复数形式)]]></meaning> </item> <item> <name>pathology</name> <phonetic><![CDATA[pæˈθɔlədʒi:]]></phonetic> <meaning><![CDATA[n. 病理(学);〈比喻〉异常状态]]></meaning> </item> </wordbook>””” data = xmltodict.parse(data, encoding=’utf-8′) for item in data[‘wordbook’][‘item’]: print item[‘name’] prints: engrossment graffiti pathology You can also use BeautifulSoup or lxml – … Read more

[Solved] How to parse xml with php? [duplicate]

You can use SimpleXML_Load_String. <?php // RAY_temp_burhan.php error_reporting(E_ALL); echo ‘<pre>’; $xml = <<<ENDXML <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″ ?> <eqlist> <earhquake name=”2012.12.31 18:35:13″ lokasyon=”CAMONU-AKHISAR (MANISA) Ilksel” lat=”38.9572″ lng=”27.8965″ mag=”2.9″ Depth=”5.0″ /> <earhquake name=”2012.12.31 18:54:09″ lokasyon=”VAN GÖLÜ Ilksel” lat=”38.7273″ lng=”43.1598″ mag=”2.3″ Depth=”2.1″ /> <earhquake name=”2012.12.31 21:00:49″ lokasyon=”KUCUKESENCE-ERENLER (SAKARYA) Ilksel” lat=”40.7347″ lng=”30.4742″ mag=”1.9″ Depth=”4.4″ /> </eqlist> ENDXML; // CONVERT … Read more

[Solved] System.Xml.XmlException: Unexpected XML declaration. The XML declaration must be the first

Make sure your <?xml tag is the first thing in the document (and that it doesn’t have anything before that, this includes whitespace). You can have <?xml only once per document, so if you have a large chunk of XML and you have this tag repeated somewhere down the lines your document won’t be valid. … Read more

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