[Solved] How to convert 12 hour string into 24 hour datetime? [closed]

The main problem with your format is that Python does not support anything more granular than microseconds, as explained here. In fact, assuming you have 000 as the last three decimals of seconds, you can use the format below. from datetime import datetime datetime_object = datetime.strptime(’24/NOV/18 05:15:00.000000000 AM’, ‘%d/%b/%y %I:%M:%S.%f000 %p’) If you cannot make … Read more

[Solved] Go lang, don’t understand what this code does

tick is a channel in Go. If you look at the docs, tick should send something to the channel once each time interval, which is specified by time.Duration(1000/config.Samplerate) * time.Millisecond in your code. <-tick just waits for that time interval to pass. i keeps track of how many seconds pass, so every time it ticks, … Read more

[Solved] Java time variable [duplicate]

The LocalTime class represents a time of day, without any date component. That seems to be the class you want to use here. You can create LocalTime objects with LocalTime.of, and compare them with isBefore and isAfter. Like this. LocalTime sevenThirty = LocalTime.of(7,30); LocalTime eightTwenty = LocalTime.of(8,20); LocalTime nineOClock = LocalTime.of(9,0); if(eightTwenty.isAfter(sevenThirty) && eightTwenty.isBefore(nineOClock)) { … Read more

[Solved] How to convert the Varchar of sum to time using sql server 2008 [closed]

Try this: DECLARE @SUM VARCHAR(50)=’33.90′; SELECT CAST(CAST(LEFT(@SUM,CHARINDEX(‘.’,@SUM,0)-1) AS INT)+ CAST(SUBSTRING(@SUM,CHARINDEX(‘.’,@SUM,0)+1,LEN(@SUM)) AS INT)/60 AS VARCHAR(10))+’.’+ CAST(CAST(SUBSTRING(@SUM,CHARINDEX(‘.’,@SUM,0)+1,LEN(@SUM)) AS INT)%60 AS VARCHAR(10)) result: 34.30 1 solved How to convert the Varchar of sum to time using sql server 2008 [closed]

[Solved] Time in milliseconds calculation

Here some tipps to get started: You can parse the String to a Java Date like this: SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(“HH:mm:ss”); Date startTimer1Date = format.parse(StartTimer1); You can get the current Date and Time like this: Date dateNow = new Date(); And since you are working with time only (and not with date and time), … Read more

[Solved] show remaining minutes instead of hours

Barebones solution: long remainingMillis = countdownEnds.getTime() – System.currentTimeMillis(); long remainingMinutes = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS.toMinutes(remainingMillis); String countdownEndsString = String.format(“%d minutes”, remainingMinutes); For a nicer solution use java.time, the modern Java date and time API, for the calculation of the minutes: long remainingMinutes = ChronoUnit.MINUTES.between( Instant.now(), DateTimeUtils.toInstant(countdownEnds)); In this case also see if you can get rid of the … Read more

[Solved] Execution Control In C [closed]

It seems like the obvious structure would be something like this: while (current_time < end_time) { current_number = *next_number++; if (meets_conditions(current_number)) output(current_number); } solved Execution Control In C [closed]

[Solved] File upload time limitation [closed]

Just maintain a field in database which saves the last file upload date and time and if the uploads reach to the limit of 5 then before uploading file check that last file upload time. If the difference between last file upload time and current time is greater than 2 minutes then allow the file … Read more