[Solved] How do I select the first, second, or third digit from a String containing three digits? [closed]

You could try this. String nbr = input.nextLine(); int a=nbr.charAt(0)-‘0’; int b=nbr.charAt(1)-‘0’; int c=nbr.charAt(2)-‘0’; Also, you could use substring and parse the result Using Integer.parseInt int a=Integer.parseInt(nbr.substring(0,1)); //Contains the leftmost digit 2 solved How do I select the first, second, or third digit from a String containing three digits? [closed]

[Solved] Named int vs named float

The comment in the link says “integer, pointer and member pointer template parameters aren’t lvalues” (emphasis mine). It does not say that named integer variables are not lvalues – they are. If there were such a thing as floating-point template parameters, then they wouldn’t be lvalues either; but named floating-point variables still would be. solved … Read more

[Solved] Expected primarly expression before ]? (C++)

The error message tells you that an expression is expected at a certain point in your code: calcNumbers(myArr[missing expression here ], type); Why is that? Because operator[] takes an argument (traditionally an index), as in myArr[1]. No argument, no compile. Note that this error occurs when you are using myArr. You have other places where … Read more

[Solved] Java > Generate a lot of int

In Java 8 streams, you can generate a stream of integers between two numbers using: IntStream.range(lower, upper)… If you want them to be randomised, then you can use: Random random = new Random(); random.ints(count, lower, upper)… You can then use methods such as forEach, reduce or collect to do something with the stream. So, for … Read more

[Solved] How do I read a line of 12 numbers from a file and store it into an array?

This should fix your problem. It will parse all rows and place each line in a string stream. It then parses the string stream and streams the elements into doubles. It should work for any combination of rows and column elements. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int … Read more