[Solved] C# How to modify text file [closed]

Add this reference first System.IO Then: For reading: string[] accounts= File.ReadAllLines(“accounts.txt”); //each item of array will be your account For modifying : accounts[0] += “|1”;//this adds “|1” near password accounts[0].Replace(“|1″,”|0”); this will change the “|0” text to “|1” And For writing: File.WriteAllLines(“accounts.txt”,accounts); 4 solved C# How to modify text file [closed]

[Solved] Python: AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘readlines’

In order to give a good answer to jill1993’s question and take the MosesKoledoye’s answer : abproject = (“C:/abproject.build”) abproject is a string object. Furthermore, you write : with open(“C:/abproject.build”, “r+”) as script So if you want to solve your script error, you have to write : with open(“C:/abproject.build”, “r+”) as script, open (“C:/tempfile.build”,”w+”) as … Read more

[Solved] Is it possible to code in jQuery in a JS file? (.js)

Option -1: Download the jquery file and store it in the directory of the project and add the script tag in your html file and then add second js file which you can write jquery <script src=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37921952/jquery.min.js”></script> <script src=”main.js”></script> //Here you can write your custom js with jquery loaded first Option -2 : First take … Read more

[Solved] Writing only lower case letters to file in Python

Code input_f = input(“Enter the file name to read from: “) output_f = input(“Enter the file name to write to… “) fw = open(output_f, “w”) with open(input_f) as fo: for w in fo: for c in w: if c.isalpha(): fw.write(c.lower()) if c.isspace(): fw.write(‘\n’) fo.close() fw.close() input.txt HELLO 12345 WORLD 67890 UTRECHT 030 dafsf434ffewr354tfffff44344fsfsd89087uefwerwe output.txt hello … Read more

[Solved] C, read by line [closed]

You can achieve what you describe using the fgets function as follows: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> const int MAX_LENGTH = 256; int main (void) { // Open the file FILE* file = fopen (“data.dat”, “r”); // Read the lines char a[MAX_LENGTH]; fgets (a, MAX_LENGTH – 1, file); char b[MAX_LENGTH]; fgets (b, MAX_LENGTH – 1, file); … Read more

[Solved] My PHP script fails uploading 50M above images

Please change your php.ini settings . find lines : upload_max_filesize = 100M post_max_size = 100M If you have shared hosting you should tell the administrator yet using cpanel etc , do it from the control panel , Also See here and here And please search before create a new question.Google is your friend. 1 solved … Read more

[Solved] Open a file in c# [closed]

All that your code this is create a FileStream pointing to this file. So you could read the file and fetch its contents in memory. But you cannot expect it to open in any browser. You could use the Process.Start method to open the file using the default program that is associated with this file … Read more

[Solved] How do I read a line of 12 numbers from a file and store it into an array?

This should fix your problem. It will parse all rows and place each line in a string stream. It then parses the string stream and streams the elements into doubles. It should work for any combination of rows and column elements. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int … Read more