[Solved] How to add a value to a JSON array of objects?

First of all store the json array in a variable like var datalist=[{ _id: ’58a2b5941a9dfe3537aad540′, Country: ‘India’, State: ‘Andhra Pradesh’, District: ‘Guntur’, Division: ”, Village: ‘Macharla’, FarmerName: ‘Vijay’, Address: ”, Pin: ”, PrimaryContact: ‘9160062222’, OtherContacts: ”, Email: ”, updatedAt: ‘2017-02-14T04:39:01.000Z’, modifiedBy: ”, createdAt: ‘2017-02-14T04:39:01.000Z’ }, { _id: ’58a2b5941a9dfe3537aad541′, Country: ‘India’, State: ‘Telangana’, District: ‘Karimnagar’, Division: … Read more

[Solved] JavaScript Split array into multiple arrays inside [duplicate]

You could take an array of the wanted ids and an object which stores the index for the result set for a same group. var data = [{ candidateConfigId: “1”, value: “199128700790” }, { candidateConfigId: “2”, value: “Yujith” }, { candidateConfigId: “3”, value: “Male” }, { candidateConfigId: “4”, value: “SE” }, { candidateConfigId: “5”, value: … Read more

[Solved] How to make new array or arrays with contents from other arrays?

If you do not care about destroying arr2, neither about having a deep copy of arr1[0], a simple unshift() can do that: const arr1 = [[1, 2, 3, 4], [5, 6, 7, 8]]; const arr2 = [[‘some1’, ‘some2’], [‘some3’, ‘some4’]]; arr2.unshift(arr1[0]); console.log(JSON.stringify(arr2)); Of course those are really some conditions which may not fit your case. … Read more

[Solved] Node js line by line module

Look at the documentation: You can also pass start and end position in bytes to read from file region: { encoding: ‘utf8′, skipEmptyLines: true, start: 1000 } Your instruction says to start at byte 10 not line 10. If you want to skip lines, you’ll have to keep count of them yourself. const LineByLineReader = … Read more

[Solved] element is not visible on site using puppeteer [closed]

The element exist there. Probably UI of button is not appearing because of using delays or not rendering in given time but the element exist there. Go to inspect and copy the unique identifier of “Start button” from normal browser(which is not running through automated script) then use await page.click(“button_Identifier”); and you will see start … Read more

[Solved] How do I fix Rails RuntimeError Current ExectJ doesn’t support ES5?

The main problem was in your Gemfile here gem ‘therubyracer’, platforms: :ruby gem ‘mini_racer’, platforms: :ruby You had two racer type gems, you only need one. You should just use gem ‘mini_racer’ and get rid of therubyracer. Do that and run bundle install. You will also need to clean up merge conflict stuff left in … Read more

[Solved] Discord js bot message

I recommend attempting to google the answer to your question for at least 30 minutes prior to posting on a website such as this, as such queries will usually return useful information. Either way, to create a line-break, you can use \n Integrating this into usable code, you can do, for example: message.channel.send(‘Line one \n … Read more

[Solved] How to render array of array of objects in Jade

If you are iterating over an object, you need to use the each key, value in obj notation: each key, city in cities h2 asdf each foo in city .col-md-4 .row.bottomPadding .col-md-3 img(src=foo.logo_image_url) .col-md-9.text-nowrap p.nav.hide-overflow= foo.name solved How to render array of array of objects in Jade

[Solved] Changing Dom to Jquery [closed]

For jQuery you can write. var x = $(‘#x’); x.mouseup(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); }); Learn all about jQuery Selectors: http://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/ Here is a link to a JSFiddle http://jsfiddle.net/6ZBx7/ showing very basic usage. YOu will notice if you type in the box and press the button the text is copied to the textarea. For demo purposes also … Read more