[Solved] Discord.NET How can I give every person a role by one command?

You can do it using the code below. There are various ways of improving the command’s functionality so perhaps think about that. [Command(“addrole all”), Summary(“Adds the Star role to all users”)] public async Task AddRoleStarCommand() { // Gets all the users of the guild. Note that this may not completely // work for extremely large … Read more

[Solved] how do i send a private message to all people who have a certain role? (discord.js) [closed]

You can use the Role.members property. // get role by name const role = message.guild.roles.cache.find(role => role.name === ‘<roleName>’); // send a message to everyone with the role role.members.each(user => user.send(‘This is a DM’)); This method assumes you have a way to get the <roleName> value from a string; perhaps with an args variable. solved … Read more

[Solved] how do i send two messages in one? [closed]

You Could Use \n To Make a New Line or You Can Use this code to make the text a link const embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed() embed.setTitle(“BOT INVITE LINK”) embed.setColor(“BLACK”) embed.setURL(“INVITE LINK”) embed.setDescription(“**Click On The Blue Title Above to Invite BOT to Your Server :D**”) message.channel.send(embed) solved how do i send two messages in one? … Read more

[Solved] I am tring to make a discord bot that wait for the user message and if three tags are mentioned it give tick reaction

You can use the on_message event to catch every message and do what you like with it. This is better than waiting for a message and executing code as this is faster. The downside is the channel must be hard-coded or use a global variable. Or, you could recreate the whole command in the function … Read more

[Solved] Discord js bot message

I recommend attempting to google the answer to your question for at least 30 minutes prior to posting on a website such as this, as such queries will usually return useful information. Either way, to create a line-break, you can use \n Integrating this into usable code, you can do, for example: message.channel.send(‘Line one \n … Read more