[Solved] React jQuery(this) selector is not working

this points to React component instance and not the input element. You can achieve this using event.target class LoginReg extends Component { render() { function minimizeLabel(event){ $(event.target).closest(“.Reg-fields”).css(“border-bottom”, “2px solid #f99”); $(event.target).closest(“label”).css(“top”, “-15px”).css(“font-size”, “.7em”).css(“transition”, “.3s ease-out”); } return ( <div> <div className=”custom-container”> <div className=”Reg-fields”> <input type=”email” onClick={minimizeLabel}/> <label>Email</label> </div> </div> ); } 1 solved React jQuery(this) … Read more

[Solved] how to we can remove a component React from the DOM using componentWillUnmount() method? [closed]

“When can I use the following method in my React code? componentWillUnmount()”: We want to set up a timer whenever the Clock is rendered to the DOM for the first time. This is called “mounting” in React. We also want to clear that timer whenever the DOM produced by the Clock is removed. This is … Read more

[Solved] Disabling the back button and refresh button using reactjs [closed]

You need to use state variables to enable and disable button. Look in below enable if you click reset or reload it will toggle class App extends React.Component{ state = { isResetDisable: false, isReloadDisable: false, } handleButtonPress(token){ console.log(token+” “+”pressed”) } render(){ return( <div> <div> <a onClick={()=>this.setState({isResetDisable: !this.state.isResetDisable})}> Click Reset lable to toggle button </a> <input … Read more

[Solved] convert Decimal to signed 2’s compliment and vice versa in vanilla javascript

Check this out may it will help you. (function(){ var ConvertBase = function (num) { return { from : function (baseFrom) { return { to : function (baseTo) { return parseInt(num, baseFrom).toString(baseTo); } }; } }; }; // binary to decimal ConvertBase.bin2dec = function (num) { return ConvertBase(num).from(2).to(10); }; // binary to hexadecimal ConvertBase.bin2hex = … Read more

[Solved] How to get count values from nested array of objects in react [closed]

const data = [ { id:4, name:’sam’,stats:[{id:1, partnerId:4, applicatiions:4, drafts:5},{id:2, partnerId:4, applicatiions:1, drafts:2}]}, { id:5, name:’kam’,stats:[{id:1, partnerId:5, applicatiions:2, drafts:3}]}, { id:6, name:’jam’,stats:[]}, { id:7, name:’ram’,stats:[{id:1, partnerId:7, applicatiions:9, drafts:5},{id:2, partnerId:7, applicatiions:2, drafts:5}]} ] const items = data.map(item=> {return {…item, applicatiions: item.stats.reduce((partialSum, stat) => partialSum + stat.applicatiions ,0), drafts: item.stats.reduce((partialSum, stat) => partialSum + stat.drafts ,0)}}); console.log(items.map(({stats, … Read more

[Solved] Is there a “Best Practices” on designing an application written both in React and React-Native?

Generally, you can share a lot of business logic between react native and web applications. By business logic, I basically mean the logic in your app that aren’t components. Trying to share components is pretty hard, since the base level components are different (View vs div, etc), and you generally want things structured pretty differently … Read more

[Solved] How to remove price zeros? [closed]

The issue with your code is the condition, it processes all digits in reverse until the first non-zero character, without limit. You could keep a loop counter and not iterate more than 6 times; a for-loop with appropriate exit condition would work here. Though you don’t need to make it this complicated. Two simple methods: … Read more

[Solved] JavaScript Split array into multiple arrays inside [duplicate]

You could take an array of the wanted ids and an object which stores the index for the result set for a same group. var data = [{ candidateConfigId: “1”, value: “199128700790” }, { candidateConfigId: “2”, value: “Yujith” }, { candidateConfigId: “3”, value: “Male” }, { candidateConfigId: “4”, value: “SE” }, { candidateConfigId: “5”, value: … Read more