[Solved] How to find out the number of records in a table? [closed]

It would be something like this on your model: def self.pending_count where(status: 0).count end def self.in_progress_count where(status: 1).count end def self.finished_count where(status: 2).count end Then you can just call Model.pending_count (or the other methods) wherever you need it. solved How to find out the number of records in a table? [closed]

[Solved] How to disable email validation in rails device [closed]

Simply comment out the line specifying validators for the email attribute, or remove it altogether: # app/models/user.rb # validates :email, :presence => false, :email => false You’ll also need to make a slight modification to your users table. By default, Devise does not allow the email field to be null. Create and run change a … Read more

[Solved] Initialize Ruby codes error

class Dog def set_name(name) @dogname = name end def get_name return @dogname end def talk return “awww” end def initialize(title, description) @title = title @description = description end end #That will cause an error because your new method have two arguments. doggy = Dog.new bogart = Dog.new(‘The Book’, ‘The road not taken’) bogart.set_name(‘Sam’) puts bogart.get_name … Read more

[Solved] Rails: Remove Curly Braces in Array [closed]

@temp = SalesOrder.where(“status > ?”, 0).ids items = SalesOrderItem.where(sales_order_id: @temp).where.not(product_id: nil) total = items.to_a.group_by(&:product_id).each_with_object({}) do |(product_id, quantity), total| total[Product.find(product_id.to_i).name] = quantity.map(&:quantity).map(&:to_f).sum end @top_five = total.sort_by { |k, v| v }.reverse! Check this. It should work. If any errors, ping me, I will update it PS: your code is not optimized at all. All of this … Read more

[Solved] Can somenone translate this from Ruby to Python. Its a basic map function [closed]

So to answer your questions regarding operators like << or ||= []: << appends an element to an array (or appends strings), in the case above it’s used to append the comment object to either the results array or or the threaded thingy. ||= basically means, if left-hand-side is undefined then evaluate & assign right-hand-side … Read more

[Solved] How Add new ruby on rails application on New Relic? [closed]

you can look at a video here https://newrelic.com/docs/ruby/ruby-agent-installation there are 3 simple steps to install newrelic Installing the gem New Relic recommends installing the Ruby gem in order to have better control over versions and dependencies. However, the gem is not supported for Rails versions prior to 2.0. If you are using Rails 1.2.6 and … Read more