[Solved] Complete change and adding of content in webpage [closed]

Assuming you have something like this: <div id=”somecontent”><video …><p>Video Caption</p></div> You can use simple DOM scripting to select the element and replace its contents: <script> var element = document.getElementById(“somecontent”); element.innerHTML = “<audio><p>New Caption</p>” </script> You would then tie this replacement to the onclick event of an input or a link styled to look like a … Read more

[Solved] hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

You missed off the jQuery constructor function literal ($) in your if() statement: if( msg.data.match(/^LCERROR/) || msg.data.match(/^ERROR/) ) { if( ! $(‘#consoleLog’).hasClass(‘stop’) ) { setInterval(function() { $(‘#consoleLog’).animate( { backgroundColor : “#aa0000” }, 1000).animate( { backgroundColor : “black” }, 1000); }, 100); } } 3 solved hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

[Solved] hasClass() is not a function Jquery [closed]

Introduction The jQuery hasClass() method is a powerful tool for manipulating the class attribute of HTML elements. It allows developers to quickly and easily add, remove, or toggle classes on elements. Unfortunately, some users have reported an issue where the hasClass() method is not functioning as expected, resulting in an error message that reads “hasClass() … Read more

[Solved] How to prove two strings are equal

Introduction When programming, it is often necessary to compare two strings to determine if they are equal. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the language and the context. In this article, we will discuss how to prove two strings are equal in various programming languages. We will look at the … Read more

[Solved] Change a html link destination on date in the future

<script type=”text/javascript”> function callFunc() { var compareDate = new Date(2013, 0, 31, 0, 0, 0, 0); alert(“compareDate: ” + compareDate.toString()); var curDate = new Date(); if (curDate.getTime() > compareDate.getTime()) { return “http://www.yahoo.com”; } else { return “http://www.google.com”; } } document.write(‘<a href=”‘ + callFunc() + ‘”>Link</a>’); </script> solved Change a html link destination on date in … Read more

[Solved] Javascript – print all names in array containing multiple objects [closed]

Extract only the students with grade 80 or higher with Array.filter. Map the remaining students into a new format using Array.map. Result: let students = [{ fname: “Jane”, lname: “Brazier”, snum: “100366942”, agrade: 67.59127376966494, tgrade: 64.86530868914188, egrade: 70.52944558104066 }, { fname: “Ricardo”, lname: “Allen”, snum: “100345641”, agrade: 65.80370345301014, tgrade: 75.40211705841241, egrade: 55.39348896202821 }, { fname: … Read more