[Solved] All combination with JS [closed]

So you want to generate all permutations from size = 1 to size = N? Stack Overflow user Andy Carson has created a JavaScript library with a permutation generator function that lets you specify size. See: GitHub / acarl005 / Generatorics // Adapted from: https://stackoverflow.com/a/41232141/1762224 // Uses: https://github.com/acarl005/generatorics const allPermutations = (arr) => Array.from({ length: … Read more

[Solved] combinations program help in python [closed]

Alright I’ve done the hard part hoping you can finish it up: tmp = [] def recal(_list): n = [] if ‘-‘ in _list: for i in 0,1: t = _list[:] t[t.index(‘-‘)] = i n.append(recall(t)) else: tmp.append(l) return l recall([‘-‘,’-‘,’0′,’1’]) for l in tmp: print int(”.join(l),2) 0 solved combinations program help in python [closed]

[Solved] How can I create a method of finding the total number of possible combinations using a dynamic format [closed]

I being a number, there is 10 possibilities. S being a character, there is 26 possibilities. The total number of combinations is 10 power (TheNumberOfI) * 26 power (TheNumberOfS) This can be dynamically solved using a simple function that counts the number of S and the number of I and uses the results in the … Read more

[Solved] Python create list combination

You haven’t specified in what order the keys of the dictionary should be processed in the output. If one assumes reverse sorting order, you can do this trivially with itertools.product(): from itertools import product combinations = product(*([‘{0}{1}’.format(v, i) for i in range(dictElement[v])] for v in sorted(dictElement, reverse=True)) Demo: >>> from itertools import product >>> dictElement … Read more

[Solved] Efficient Way to specific combinations from string [closed]

First thing you need to explode the string by _ $str=”one_two_three_four_five_six”; $array = explode(‘_’, $str); Add an empty array to store result there $result = []; Define a recursive function that takes an array, implode array values, remove last element and recall the same array until length is 0 function visitArray($array, &$result) { if(count($array) == … Read more

[Solved] List Combinations c#

Visual Studio was taking too long to load, so I did it in JavaScript since I could test in my console. This will print out all the choices. (Also it sounds more like a “what’s the algorithm for this?” not “what’s the algorithm for this in C#?”) function makeGroup(id, count) { var result = []; … Read more

[Solved] How to randomly pick a number of combinations from all the combinations efficiently

If you have F unique first names and L unique last names, then overall number of combinations is N = F * L So you can generate needed number of non-repeating random integer values in range 0..N-1 (for example, with Fisher-Yates sampling), sort them, and get corresponding name combinations: for i = 0..M-1 Generate K[i] … Read more

[Solved] Getting all possible combination for [1,0] with length 3 [0,0,0] to [1,1,1]

You’re looking for a Cartesian product, not a combination or permutation of [0, 1]. For that, you can use itertools.product. from itertools import product items = [0, 1] for item in product(items, repeat=3): print(item) This produces the output you’re looking for (albeit in a slightly different order): (0, 0, 0) (0, 0, 1) (0, 1, … Read more