[Solved] Can I create custom EC2 hardware? [closed]

This is not possible. AWS has racks of ‘host’ computers, each with a particular specification in terms of CPU type, number of CPUs, RAM, directly-attached disks (sometimes), attached GPUs (sometimes), network connectivity, etc. Each of these hosts is then divided into multiple ‘instances’, such as: This is showing that the R5 Host contains 96 virtual … Read more

[Solved] What are the problems when switch region on the Amazon web server?

It sounds like your situation is: You are currently running an Amazon EC2 instance in either the Frankfurt or Ireland regions You wish to use a different region There’s two answers to this question, and it depends on whether you want to “move” an instance to another region, or just “use” another region. Using another … Read more

[Solved] Is it possible to change the output to be an actual string of characters?

You’re taking *strings when you really only need strings. It’s a simple change to derefernce the pointers you get back from AWS SDK (it uses pointers for everything for nullability): var accountList []string for _, accountId := range result.Accounts { accountList = append(accountList, *accountId.Id) } fmt.Println(accountList) solved Is it possible to change the output to … Read more

[Solved] Amazon summer time reliability

Copied from AWS user guide: Amazon Linux instances are set to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone by default Furthermore: Network Time Protocol (NTP) is configured by default on Amazon Linux instances; however, an instance needs access to the Internet for the standard NTP configuration to work. In addition, your instance’s security group rules … Read more

[Solved] Scan of data of a specific column in DynamoDB table – Reserved Keyword [closed]

Sometimes there is a need for everyone to use DynamoDB’s reserved keyword names on their attribute names. In such cases, they can utilize the expression attribute names to map the reserved keyword name with another alternative name. You can use the expression attribute names in your code as like below: … response = table.scan( ExpressionAttributeNames … Read more

[Solved] Cannot sign up for aws

You are not on the Signup page and its a login which you are trying now. Hope below AWS documentation will help you. https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/create-and-activate-aws-account/ 0 solved Cannot sign up for aws

[Solved] Try except in Python, error still happens

Like stated in the comments: put the relevant code in the try clause, and raise a specific exception. You can prompt again with a loop. Something like this: succeeded = False while not succeeded: try: aws_account = input(“Enter the name of the AWS account you’ll be working in: “) session = boto3.Session(profile_name=aws_account) client = session.client(‘iam’) … Read more

[Solved] How to add a subdomain pointing to IP of EC2 instance in AWS where the domain is pointing to the IP of the machine of some other hosting provider?

After trying and as commented by Dusan above, creating ‘A’ record for “sub.xyz.com” in WIX resolved the issue. solved How to add a subdomain pointing to IP of EC2 instance in AWS where the domain is pointing to the IP of the machine of some other hosting provider?

[Solved] Connect a Flask webservice from a device which is not on the same network

Let A be the server you connecting to. Let B be the server you are connecting from, which, from what I gather, is sometimes localhost. Why can’t B connect to A? 1. Security Settings The following is EC2-specific: You have to open up connections to specific IPs. Check your instance’s security settings. If you added … Read more