[Solved] Objective-c: simple strings (beginner) [closed]

If all the displays are UILabel objects, then change this word = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@”, display1, display2, display3, display4, display5, display6, display7, display8, display9]; toword = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@ %@”, display1.text, display2.text, display3.text, display4.text, display5.text, display6.text, display7.text, display8.text, display9.text]; solved Objective-c: simple … Read more

[Solved] Hide custom cell image

Create UITableViewCell.h and .m file. Create some variable like UILabel and UIImageView object in files and make it IBOutlet and bind them with cell .xib file. Inside UITableView implementation, and in “cellForRowAtIndexPath” you can use that custom UITableViewCell class object and use that synthesize variable of UILable and UIImageView and use it to show or … Read more

[Solved] ios different ways of calling a method from different classes [closed]

I don’t think it’s so awful a question. Lot of folks responded negatively to the “best” aspect of the question. A simple rephrase might be “what circumstances are best suited for each kind of inter-object communication”. In summary the common ones are as follows: Direct invocation (google Objective-C language methods) – Most common, most direct, … Read more

[Solved] Difference in writing a code [closed]

I also really don’t get your intention. However, viewDidLoad is called exactly once, when the controller is first loaded into memory. That’s the point where you usually want to instantiate any instance variables and build any views that live for the entire lifecycle of this view controller. Nevertheless, usually the view isn’t visible at this … Read more

[Solved] Exception in button tag

The reason you are getting an exception is because your tag is greater then the blogids count. Add the buttons to the array and then it will not crash. For example: blogids = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init]; [blogids addObject:oneOfYourButtons]; Also if you only want to see the tags number use this: NSLog(@”The tag clicked:%d”,tag); instead of: NSLog(@”The … Read more