[Solved] Extract image URL in a string (RSS with syndicationfeed)

Complete solution with regex : string source =”<img src=\”http://MyUrl.JPG.jpg\””; var reg = new Regex(“src=(?:\”|\’)?(?<imgSrc>[^>]*[^/].(?:jpg|bmp|gif|png))(?:\”|\’)?”); var match=reg.Match(source); if(match.Success) { var encod = match.Groups[“imgSrc”].Value; } solved Extract image URL in a string (RSS with syndicationfeed)

[Solved] publish a message on facebook without user approval [closed]

You have to request permission via the API to access users profile on facebook. Posting to a users wall or sending them a message without any approval would be bypassing facebook’s platform policy and should facebook find out about this activity they will surely shut down your application and possibly block your developer account.NOT recommended. … Read more

[Solved] Serializing in Json.net [closed]

There is no question here but I am assuming you want to serialize that json string into an object? Also I would at least post what you have tried and what errors you are receiving if any. This is per the JSON.net web site found here http://james.newtonking.com/pages/json-net.aspx string json = “<you json string>”; JObject o … Read more

[Solved] Display a text file onto a text block which is already within the app [closed]

This code loaded file from your project directory and show it in TextBlock with a name textBlock var rs = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri(“file.txt”, UriKind.Relative)); StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(rs.Stream); textBlock.Text = sr.ReadToEnd(); Where file.txt saved like Content in your project 1 solved Display a text file onto a text block which is already within the app … Read more

[Solved] share a message in Linkedin via windows phone

If you want to use the LinkedIn API you’ll need to connect via OAuth. (You can do this with Hammock & a WebBrowser control.) Once connected you can call their REST API. Alternatively, or possibly as a starting point, you could look at http://linkedintoolkit.codeplex.com/ but it doesn’t look complete. solved share a message in Linkedin … Read more

[Solved] Chat Conversation page design in windows phone using c#?

do we have any readymade controls which handles this ? You mean a control that would cover chat-like functionality ? No, never heard of it. Just bind your messages (observable collection) to the listbox’s ItemsSource property. You will have to check every X seconds for a new messages and add them to collection. solved Chat … Read more