[Solved] ios different ways of calling a method from different classes [closed]

I don’t think it’s so awful a question. Lot of folks responded negatively to the “best” aspect of the question. A simple rephrase might be “what circumstances are best suited for each kind of inter-object communication”. In summary the common ones are as follows: Direct invocation (google Objective-C language methods) – Most common, most direct, … Read more

[Solved] how to store the data into NSMutableString?

try this code NSString *XMLStr = [[NSString alloc]initWithBytes:[webData mutableBytes] length:[webData length]encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding ]; NSLog(@”the xml product is %@”,XMLStr); Use this code i hope it helps You. solved how to store the data into NSMutableString?

[Solved] how to converts NSMutableArray values into NSString? [duplicate]

You can use this code: theCoordinate2.longitude = [[details.longarray objectAtIndex:0] stringByAppendingString:[details.longarray objectAtIndex:1]; //and so on for index 2,3,4 stringByAppendingString:[details.longarray objectAtIndex:2 NSLog(@”longitudes list from %f”,theCoordinate2.longitude); solved how to converts NSMutableArray values into NSString? [duplicate]

[Solved] How to detect voice in my iPhone app? [closed]

Use AVAudioRecorder – Audio Metering – checkout out this tutorial – dettect when a user blows into mic http://mobileorchard.com/tutorial-detecting-when-a-user-blows-into-the-mic/ Quick Example: _audioRecorder.meteringEnabled = YES; //1. This method will get the current mic activity and will format it to a 0 – 1 scale. -(void)checkRecordingMeters:(NSTimer *)timer { [_audioRecorder updateMeters]; const double ALPHA = 0.2; float peakPower … Read more

[Solved] iPhone 4s looking simulator

Because of the extremely high pixel density of a retina display, creating a video with pixel-perfect retina graphics will require you to have a really big monitor. The is because monitors have far less pixel density than an retina display. The best way to accomplish your video is to use the non-retina simulator. If you … Read more